✛ Aztec long cardi, knee high boots and utility jacket, layering for a chilly day

When it is chilly, but not blistering cold, I like to dress in layers. It keeps me warm, but I can decide to take off a few layers if needed. That day I went shopping for winter shoes with my son in the City, which means lot of in an out of stores. Stores really like to turn up the heater in winter and it often has me close to a heat stroke minutes after entering. 
I don't like to carry a thick down jacket, when I am dealing with a two year old (or at all actually) and prefer to take off a layer to put it in or over my bag, tie it around my hips...anything is better than a bulky winter jacket.

This is also a good outfit if you want to look casual but still well dressed. The boots are an eye catcher, but don't look to va va voom thanks to the other long pieces. I often have to come up with ways of not looking too dolled up, while still looking fashionable because my son is with me most of the time.

The look:

Cardigan, Boots and Jeans: from the friendly Turkish clothing shop in my town. We have lots of these here, often run by Indians, Russians, Turkish, Pakistani or Chinese, and they do have some great finds (although certainly not all items are great). So it is worth a look.
Utility Jacket: H&M (now on SALE)
Scarf: Handwoven organic wool from the Union Square Christmas fair in New York.

See plenty more Aztec Cardigan styles here: click

Make Up:

1. Black Kohl Kajal on upper eye lid
2. Everyday Minerals "Finishing Dust" (translucent powder)
3. Maybelline New York Superstay Lip Stain in "ruby indulgence"

And that is it! :) I am a "Make Up Minimalist", meaning I only focus on certain parts and never do a full face Make Up. So here I am not wearing blush, mascara, foundation, brow pencil, eye shadow, concealer or whatever else can be put on the face. I like the look of it much better.

I like that this lip stain really looks like a stain or tint and on top of that it is not drying and holds up pretty well. Not as long as their 24 hr products, but the color fades slowly. 


Tanya WALL officiel said...

I love your blog , your looks and the nice photos, you are so lovely and very cute ! ♥ I add your blog on my blogroll friends favorites....




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