✛ not a fashionista...(but I love this poncho)

I really don't consider myself a "fashionista". I am not saying it is a bad thing, but reading the definition:
"a devoted follower of fashion", made me feel like it does not really suit me.

I am not devoted, and I am not a follower, I happen to stumble across trends in stores, magazines and online. To me it isn't something that I seek to do, or that I try to achieve, it is something that comes naturally and is just a part of my daily life.
I mean, there is a need for clothing, and all I do is I pick out outfits I really like, because it makes me feel comfortable. It really makes me feel good about myself if I am dressed well, if I can be a bit creative. That does not mean I am dressed up 24/7. It just means that I put thought into everything I wear...even casual lounge clothing for at home. 

The look:

This look, is very me and I will try to describe why and what I love about it.

I have a thing for unique clothing, but also simplicity. The poncho represents both to me - a poncho has a unique shape and really makes a simple outfit look great, but it is also really effortless and simple. You bet you will always look classy with the right poncho. The flowy-ness also reminds me of past times, when capes were worn (think 1800's).
The skinny jeans are a color is absolutely love. I will always reach for dark purple or dark red shades. I actually have to be careful not to buy the same colors all the time. I feel they really look great paired with grey too, for a lighter, day time look.

The little beret/ tam you see is handknit (by me), from hand dyed Zitron sock yarn. I actually just finished it that morning (you can see me walking with my almost done tam in one of the pics). This look was inspired by little berets I have seen in various "les miserables" adaptions and other movies from that time. If anyone is interested I will share the pattern on this blog some time.

The look was created for sight seeing. We went to Rheinfels Castle in St. Goa. Obviously you don't want to look to dressed up for hiking up a hill. It was a chilly fall day, but still quite beautiful, so the poncho was just right for keeping me warm. I wore flat brown leather boots that day.

The purse is meant to make this look just a bit more chic. I like pairing casual outfits with one chic item. It is also very roomy and great for little trips.

Hat: selfmade knit beret from organic hand dyed yarn (Zitron - http://www.atelierzitron.de/)
Poncho: Ernstings Family - http://www.ernstings-family.de (does not look very fashionable at first but once in a while I find great pieces! 
Skinny Jeans: H&M
Bag: H&M 
Shoes: New Yorker - http://www.newyorker.de/ (also a store that can have great items as well as some not so good items)
Ring: A large blue chalcedony and sterling silver ring I purchased at a Medieval Fair (I love semi precious gemstones)




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