✛ wintery maxi skirt, blouse and hat, how to rock a maxi skirt in winter

Maxi skirts are great for winter too. 
There are a few things to consider when wearing a Maxi Skirt in winter though:

- the fabric. 
Don't chose a thin, gauzy, summery fabric (chiffon and lace are fine for winter)

- the color. 
Make sure the color goes with a wintery wardrobe. Candy pink and other pastells are very hard to pull off in winter (though almost nothing is impossible if done well) 

- patterns, prints. 
Chose a print that carries the right colors and is not overwhelming. Be sure it also goes well with your jacket coat. It is best to stay clear of summery floral prints. A small floral skirt can possibly be winterized, but if you live in a truly cold climate, a maxi length floral dress/ skirt can be too much.

- The accessories. 
By adding wintery accessories your skirt will automatically look winter ready. especially knits give it a nice touch. Try a knit cardi and big scarf.
I wore an actual hat here, but you can also chose to wear a knit beanie or something like it.

- The shoes. 
With a long flowy skirt, some shoes can look wrong. Sneakers don't fit the look here and would only work if you were going for a generally very sporty look with a sweater, backpack etc.
For the feminine version shown here, it is best to add boots with a low heel that are not too clunky. Basically your shoes should harmonize with the skirt, but not stand out above the skirt. You want it to look nice and flowy when you walk. Thick boots and dramatic heels can make it look like you wrapped yourself in a curtain with this skirt shape (fitted around the hips, more flowy on the bottom).

My look:

The skirt is handmade and designed by me.
I call this the "Morticia" skirt, because of its slight trumpet shape. It is fitted around the hips but immediately widens. It is very figure flattering and has a nice flow. 
I used a slightly thicker, heavier polyester/ cotton blend fabric.
I will be posting the pattern for the skirt to my blog shortly, feel free to make your own skirt!

The blouse is also a DIY project of mine. I converted a men's shirt into a smaller, more feminine looking blouse. The DIY tutorial will also be available on my blog soon.

I added a simple, red cardi for warmth and a touch of color. 


The hat is the statement accessory here. It gives everything a very distinct and put together look. I really think hats and all types of head wear should have a permanent front row seat in fashion. They add so much more variety to what is going on on our heads and used to be an important feature of every wardrobe for centuries past. There is a style to suit everyone. 
Hats like this look more feminine if worn further back like I did. To help keep it in place I pinned my hair into a flat bun underneath on the back of my head. I like that I can hide away my hair once in a while, but of course you can chose to wear your hair down too.

The scarf is made of wool and knit in a lace pattern. It was a gift so I don't know where it is from.
The ring (handmade) is a silvery grey kyanite set in oxidized sterling silver. I purchased it here:
I stacked it with a steel knuckle duster I got at H&M.

The belt/ girdleis vin tage (80's) and I got it from a flea market.

The handbag is a FOSSIL design from 2009. It is one of my most worn handbags, because it goes well with almost anything and has the right size and pockets for every occasion. (I never really had to use a diaper bag because most of my purses can be packed well enough for a day out.)

 Make Up:
I wore red lip color by Maybelline New York (510 red passion)

And that's it! Dare to be bare and only wear bold lip stick :) 

The images were taken with a cell phone camera that day, so I apologize for the bad quality.

Let me know what you this look and what is your favorite way to wear a long skirt in winter! 

Shoes: Sommerkind

Hat: From a Christmas Fair

Cardigan: H&M 




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