✛ when the clock strikes 12, a casual look for a night out

Sometimes you need a good look for casual nights out because you don't want to be that one girl that is totally overdressed. But you still want to dress nice....what to do?

I love wearing dresses, so I tried to get away with wearing a dress.

Here is how:

1. Pick a not too bright colored dress with a cotton, knit or linen type of fabric. Avoid wearing anything satin, shiny, silky, chiffony. The dress pattern should also be rather simple, opt for simple shirt dresses, lose shapes, avoid anything too dramatic, sexed up.

2. Pair with casual but fashionable accessories. This is a way to dress up and down at the same time. A dress can always go both ways, casual or elegant, it depends how you wear it. But since you don't want to just throw a sweater on top of the dress, and look like you don't care add some accessories instead.
- A great scarf, nothing too fancy or warm, just a casual, clean scarf or cowl.
- Casual but not raggedy shoes. Like a great pair of boots or a not too casual pair of sneakers. These are a bit more special than regular sneakers because of the heel. A good alternative would be a wedge heel sneaker, or simply a flat pair of leather sneakers. As long as they are not running shoes or too sporty looking.
- A cardi, just in case you get cold, it also adds to the casual-ness.
- When it comes to your hair you also don't want to go overboard with a wedding like updo but at the same time you might want something more special for a night out. A hat is a great way to change your look! I know hats might be a bit intimidating to some, but there are different shapes and sizes for everyone (Stores like H&M offer 3 sizes and affordable hats).
If you don't want to wear a hat, consider a headband or create a hair do that is rather simple in itself, but add something interesting. For example: A ponytail with french braid accents, little braids or a half up and then pull the hair into a ponytail, or a chic bun with the sides twisted.


Dress, Shoes, Cardigan: H&M


Hat - Zara Boys 2-14 yrs. (size 54 cm) 
Plaid Scarf: C&A 
Earrings:  genuine Garnet in sterling silver (from a Medieval Fair)

I had to get a children's sized hat. Lots of places only sell one size hats, which are way to big for my small head. This hat is really well made. It is a Fedora Style hat, but I like to wear it the other way around too.

I got the scarf on Sale at C&A. I love the it is only red and black! (Though I love the traditional plaid styles too, but it is good to have both)

Make Up:

Black Eyeliner on upper lid
Dark red lip stick

And that's it!




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