✛1910 marks the end of the Edwardian Era

In addition to the Period Photos I posted of Frankfurt, here comes a look that incorporates elements of the Edwardian Era, as well as some of the 1940's.

If you don't have a good idea of the Edwardian Era think Mary Poppins. Titanic was set two years after the Era by the way.

During the time, Blouses were often worn with long, high waisted skirts by the average woman. The blouse sometimes had a high collar and details like lace, pleats or ruffles. The skirt was usually belted high on top of the waist. In a way a bit above the natural waist, creating a short distance from bust to belt. Corsets and early "Brassieres" (Bras) allowed for a natural shape of the bust, with more room than past Era's had allowed. 

Skirts weren't as wide an elaborate as they were in earlier times, but still an A-line, often created by sewing smaller pieces of fabric together or inserting gussets (triangular pieces of fabric).
They were at least calf length and most often ankle length. 

Dresses often had an added, V-shaped detail. The one on the left almost looks like a modern cardigan.

Oxford shoes, boots or Mary Jane like pumps were usually worn. What makes these different to today's shoe styles with the same name was the odd arch and pointy tip of the shoe and small, often curved heel. I find them really unique actually!

Hats were often large, but smaller hats were also worn, often as riding hats. Men wore hats much like the bowler hats and Fedoras that are popular now (left)

Jewelry during the time was versatile and more modern than it had been in past periods. Collier necklaces looked much like the ornamented styles available right now:

My 1910's inspired look (click for large images):

When recreating the look I paid attention to all these details described above. The blouse almost passes as an exact copy with it's ruffles, pleats and high neck collar. The tweed skirt is also really authentic, just shorter. A similar style was also worn in the 30's to early 40's, though less wide. Instead of using a drapey long wrap to create the V-shape at the bust, I used a regular (long) cardigan and tucked it inside the skirt.

My Oxford pumps look more like a 1940's style, but pretty close to the Edwardian type too. They are made of real suede leather by the way and of great quality. They are very comfortable thanks to the non slip, 1cm thick rubber sole and rather low (8cm) heel

The necklace truly could have been from that time. I was unable to find a similar picture, but this sort of "braided" bar type of collier was worn.
The hat of course is rather a men's style hat, but I felt it goes with the look nonetheless.

To create that natural bust I described above you can chose to not wear a bra, or a very thin bra without under wire. 

The bag is really amazing, great quality and real, very soft leather for only 50 Euros. It has a vintage look to it and I love the two added pockets in the front (I carry my son's books in there or pen and paper for drawing when he is bored) It is certainly more of a 40's style satchel worn by teachers.

Make Up during the time was very subtle. Eye liner and blush for cheeks and lips was used sparingly to create a "no make up" look. So what I did is I drew a thin line on my inner, lower eyelid with dark grey kohl kajal pencil. I put a tiny amount of benetint rose lip tint on my lips and an even smaller amount of blush on my cheeks (more towards the front of the face, not the cheek bones).

This hat is currently available for only 10 Euros. The quality is really good and it is made of wool. I like how the brim of the hat isn't huge, but also not too small. The depth is just right, so it can be worn further back without sticking out too much. This is a popular way of wearing hats right now and I also find it the most flattering.

My great great grandmother wearing a similar blouse (the mother)

Clothing Items:

Woolen Bowler Hat - H&M Germany Melone or H&M International
Felted Military Jacket, Tweed Skirt - H&M (2009)
Blouse - Max Rave (I believe the brand doesn't exist anymore, but this blouse was part of their Gothic Lolita Fashion)
Shoes and Bag - 5th Avenue, by Halle Berry - UK or Germany or change to other European Countries using the drop down menu on top.
Cardigan - Primark
Necklace - Bijou Brigitte

Let me know how you like this look and if you would want to see looks like it in the future! Or maybe something a bit different? I am open to suggestions!

If you're interested in watching a show that portrays the fashion of the time check out Berkeley Square!




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