✛ 22 affordable spring handbags that look great!

I believe one doesn't "have" to spend lots of money on a handbag. There are lots of beautiful, inexpensive bags available.

Though I do agree, that genuine leather handbags are more long lasting and age more beautifully. I think it is good to own some faux leather bags as well to be able to switch it up, or spare your leather handbag from bad weather days (bad weather, nights at a club/ concert, being around kids or pets, all enemies to your leather bag ;))

I personally buy a more pricey leather handbag once in a while, for my birthday for example, as some sort of treat. I mostly buy FOSSIL (prices average around 140 USD) and also 5th Avenue, which is Halle Berry's collection (Deichmann.com) when looking for real leather bags (25-49 Euros).

Since my readers are very international according to my blogger statistics, with the majority being German (wo seid ihr?), I chose some bags for Europe, and some others that are available Internationally. I tried to find different styles and the prices range from 14 to 44 Euros (60 USD) Eur Enjoy! :)

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5th Avenue is Halle Berry's shoe and handbag collection. It features mostly genuine leather items for great, affordable prices. These handbags range from 39-44 Euros. A steal for real leather! I own a few 5th Avenue handbags and the quality of the leather is comparable to higher priced brands like Fossil! The bags have brass hardware.
Find these bags at Deichmann
(available in Europe)

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If you really don't want to pay much, but want a bag that has an almost real leather look to it, go for Graceland! Certainly not all their bags are amazing, but they don't fail to amaze me every once in a while. I have worked with leather before and can spot real leather easily, and these bags had me looking twice. Their styles this season are girly pastel tones. Prices range from 12-16 Euros
I own one bag and the interior is as beautiful as the outside, lined with patterned fabric. Note that the hardware is coated metal when it comes to gold tones.
You can also get them at Deichmann.

(available in Europe)

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Very popular among bloggers because of the unique styles available. This China based company offers worldwide free shipping and the prices are very affordable. You need not worry buying from them, they are a well established business. Prices below 40 USD.
If you want a unique bag shop SHEINSIDE!
(available internationally)

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H&M has been featuring a lot of high fashion, sophisticated styles in a Saffiano texture. This spring you will find minimalistic and vintage inspired styles at H&M stores. If that is exactly what you want don't hesitate and visit one of their stores or shop online if available in your country! In Germany you can even order to try on first and pay a month later, or even pay in installments. Prices between 15 and 39 Euros.
(available internationally for the most part)

Mango features a very popular handbag style that will usually cost you a few hundred bucks. If you want the high fashion look, without hurting your wallet, go for this bag (available in different colors and 2 sizes).
Get it here MANGO for 30-40 Euros.
(available almost internationally)

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If you like the sophisticated look of the last two brands and are willing to spend a bit extra for great quality, have a look at Zara's bags. I would say the quality is a tad better than H&M and comparable to MANGO's bags. They do pay attention to detail. These clean lined city bags are available from 19-39 Euros.
(available internationally)

! : When shopping H&M, MANGO and Zara please keep in mind that the styles available can differ a bit depending on where you live (or the date that they are available from).


I hope you enjoyed this and feel free to let me know what you think of the bags!




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