✛My city Frankfurt am Main and it's destruction during the war

I was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1982. I lived nearby Frankfurt all my life, aside from 5 years that I spent in the US.

Frankfurt certainly isn't the most loved City of Germany, but to me it has always been special. I feel there is much more to Frankfurt than one might see. But in a way I understand the criticism as well, because Frankfurt's culture has suffered greatly since the war. 
Though, I do believe things are bettering :).

But first, I want to show you old Frankfurt, world wide acknowledged as a most beautiful city! It was like a fairy tale come true!


The images are from Frankfurt am Main, Germany, where I was born. Sadly I never got to see this Frankfurt, because it was almost fully destroyed in World War 2 (World War 1 was bad, no doubt, but it was the second world war that destructed FFM).

This is what it looked like after the war:


- After 75 Air raids by the Royal Air Force and the US Army Air Force Frankfurt is almost fully destroyed.
- 18000 Soldiers and 5559 civilians died. 11000 Jewish Citizens of Frankfurt were deported and murdered.
- In 1944 ALL world heritage cultural sites were destroyed. as well as the complete Medieval Village with over 1800 Timber Framed houses
90.000 of the 177.600 apartments were fully destroyed, as well as every public building, school, church and hospital
- After war the number of citizens dropped from 550.000 (1939) to 230.000, half of them were homeless

Frankfurt's Medieval Village was the largest, most well kept in Europe...

All this is very sad history, and looking at the city you are constantly reminded of it. Unlike many other big German cities, Frankfurt did not (against the will of the citizen's), rebuild it's old Medieval Town Center.  Only a few monuments were restored but mainly the city was given a "modern" 1950's, 60's and later 70's look. My mother and I spent a lot o time shopping in the city in the 80's, and I remember how triste it looked. How cold the concrete buildings looked. The few reconstructed areas however, always amazed me. I remember when the Timber Framed Houses at the Roemer were rebuilt in the 80's. I asked my mother about the history. I was well informed about the war, also because my grandfather always talked about his time as a soldier and his years in captivity. He was only 19 when he was a soldier.

At the moment, the city is trying to rebuild the main part of the Medieval Town Center after tearing down some of the concrete monsters. 35 houses will stand by 2016. It is a project like no other! 
I have recently joined an organisation that is for actually reconstructing all of the 35 houses. The original plans were to only reconstruct 12 and keep the rest rather modern. I am very much against that, it is just not authentic and they risk making the same mistakes made in the 50's.
They can build modern stuff everywhere else, but not where the Medieval Town Center once was! 

Well, Frankfurt has morphed into a unique city over the years...It is the home of many banks and businesses, the Frankfurt Trade Fair (Messe) is famous world wide. One of the biggest recent changes happened in the center of Frankfurt near "Hauptwache" (Main Guard Post). 

The same area 2013

lots of extremely modern buildings were added, these I like:

The partly reconstructed old Town during Christmas:

Frankfurt now has the biggest skyline in Europe, instead of the biggest Medieval Village. I do like the skyline and how old and new are fused. I just think there shouldn't be too much new architecture by historic sites

The dome, roman ruins were discovered by it as well as Pre Medieval Ruins after the war. This is where the Medieval Village is being rebuilt. The ruins will be enclosed into a house and to the left many buildings will be reconstructed.

Maybe this has nothing to do with fashion, but I believe for the international reader it will be very interesting to see my City. I live outside of the city in a small town actually, which is perfect though because I can have city life and town life with beautiful nature at the same time :). Living near Frankfurt certainly has its perks!




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