✛41 affordable designer bags in summery colors

(Prices range from 129-350 USD)
Quality bags and beautiful designs by Premiere and Contemporary Designers. Treat yourself to an authentic Designer bag, without breaking the bank!

Designer handbags can really stir up controversy. When hearing the term "designer" many people will think of "Louis Vuitton" or "Prada", whose bags can cost as much as 10 000.
But the truth is, not all bags will have you in debt for the rest of your life. It depends much on the designer, and the model.

But first, - why would someone want a "Designer" handbag? Why not buy a bag from the next best store?

-Well, for one there is the quality. Quality does have a price. Definitely not 10 000, but paying a couple of hundred is justified because you are getting quality, genuine leather, hardware and stitching. Designer bags are made to last and will look beautiful for years to come. For me, my favorite bags are something that I want to keep forever. I don't get tired of them.

- Then there is the actual Design. Designers put a lot of thought into creating innovative designs. See them as fashion artists. They want to make sure that you get something unique, that stands out from the crowd and something that looks simply classy. Not all designers succeed at this, but very often I find this is really true, and that their designs just have something special that cheap bags can't replicate. Often you will find lots of beautiful detail in the stitching, hardware, buckles, lining or the designer logo.

- Manufacture, many designer labels take pride in manufacturing their bags in the actual country of origin. Which means a fair payment for the workers and the manufacture is strictly monitored.

Conclusion: You are paying an artist for innovative ideas, quality material and manufacturing. But does this justify 10 000 dollars? I don't think so. 
That sort of price is related to the name of the designer and the popularity and rarity of a certain bag.
I can understand this isn't everyone's cup of tea to be buying extremely expensive bags.

I personally like to compromise. Like I wrote in a previous post, I do buy no name bags too. If they look pretty, I won't say no and they can be great bags for bad weather etc. But once in a while I do splurge on a more expensive bag from lower priced, contemporary or upcoming designer brands.
 Most often this has been FOSSIL, who are often considered to be more of an upscale brand, than an actual designer brand, but truly, the creator is a designer and the company was later expanded so that designs are now created by a team of designers.

But there are other brands more exclusive than FOSSIL who also feature bags for reasonable prices. Especially when the bags are last season you can get a very good deal for them. The bags featured here are often last season, but ironically the designs still fit this season's trends ;). Sometimes specific colors are priced lower if the designer introduces new colors for a certain model. That is why I marked some bags to be priced from xxx - xxx dollars. Prices with last season bags and colors can vary. The best thing is to do your own research via Google Shopping since I can only give average prices.

Also note that prices vary depending on where you life. US brands are often higher priced in Europe and the other way around. For US brands sold in Europe, the numbers are usually kept the same but since the value of the dollar is less, the same bag that costs 149 USD in Europe, will actually equal up to 205 USD when sold in Europe for 149 EUR (!). For European designers, I noted the Euro price only. European designers, may or may not raise their prices above the regular price. I don't know details of every brand, but it seems that Liebeskind Berlin, does not price the bags much higher than they do in Germany.
Long story short...

The bags are bright and colorful, in the most trendy shades for this summer. I'm sure everyone has a neutral bag already. Time to add some color! ;)


Clutch Leather Braveheart Lagoon

149 EUR

Clutch Leather Braveheart China Blue

149 EUR

A minimalistic design and a smooth finish in two bright colors that remind me of the Caribbean.



Madison Small Sadie Flap Satchel Powder Blue

236-295 USD/ EUR

Some Coach bags have gotten quite pricey. 
Some...because you can still get them for reasonable prices. This light blue is a spring as well as a summer color.



Small Pouch Vitello Elite Terracotta Oro

264-330 USD/ EUR

Fendi is a premiere designer brand with lots of higher priced bags. Well, not this one! The shade is most beautiful and unique!


Boss Black

Shoulder Bag Melia N Bright Green 
199-249 USD/ EUR

Bright greens are a very rare color this summer. Boss Black paired this unique color with a very simplistic design. If you don't like a lot going on, this might be the bag for you.

Boss Orange

Revilla C Shoulder Bag Medium Green
199-249 USD/ EUR

Green has been hot since last year, and I find it goes with almost everything! This bag has some beautiful detail if you ask me!

Patrizia Pepe

Satchel Bag Dragon Red
235 USD/ EUR

A beautiful classic Satchel with buckles and a visible logo in a perfect medium size.


Bryant Park Saffiano Flap Over Blue
125 USD/ EUR

Tribeca Soft Tumbl Small Blue
179 USD/ EUR

DKNY bags come with pretty hardware and signature print lining. They are available in many shades, but I love these blue tones!


Lille Glossy Ocean
139-199 EUR

Sue Vintage Watermelon
143-179 EUR

LiselotteC Vintage Tomato
199 EUR

RonjaC Vintage Watermelon
159 EUR

RonjaC Vintage Yellow
159 EUR

Liebeskind is a German brand based in Berlin with unique, vintage and rustic designs. Their leather is especially soft to the touch! All these bags can be worn as a crossbody. I love their bold, often stamped signature print!


Sydney Satchel Bright Pink
149 USD/ EUR

I have experience with FOSSIL bags. Their vintage, rustic but also sophisticated designs appeal to me. Their bags are available for reasonable prices and I have to say the quality of FOSSIL bags is impeccable, which is not just my opinion, but also commented on in purse forums. FOSSIL bags are made to last. 
I own a Sydney Satchel myself in green and it is a great medium sized bags that has lots of room thanks to it's width. The simple bowling bag design is very classy and they come in many different colors. This bag can be worn as a crossbody bag too.

Michael Kors

Jet Set Travel MD Summer Blue
274 USD/ EUR

Jet Set Travel MD Fuschia
274 USD/ EUR

also available in Palm

Hamilton LG Messenger Mandarin
274 USD/ EUR

Michael Kors features timeless style and classic designs in many bright colors. Many bags are priced a bit higher, but not all of them. The ones shown here are under 300.


Margo Borsa Pelle Saffiano Cyan
182-229 EUR

Borsa Pelle Vitello Rosso
195 EUR

Also available in "blue" and "limone"

Coccinelle Mango Borsa Pelle Saffiano Smeraldo
245 EUR

An Italian brand that offers lots of unique looking designs. If you love a detail rich purse with a unique flap and closure the Borsa Pelle Vitelle might be for you!


Alissa L Satchel Apricot
172 EUR

Alissa L Tote N/S Verve
172-215 EUR

also available in "Atlantic" and "Vitamina" for the same price.

Meridienne S Crossbody Bag Vitamina Acero
284-355 EUR

A company that has been creating-strictly in Italy-and distributing high-quality bags, shoes and accessories of essential elegance throughout the world since 1927.

 Rebecca Minkoff

Dexter Bucket Bag Coral
228-285 USD/ EUR

Mini 5 Zip Navy
189 USD/ EUR

Mini 5 Zip Hot Red (Gunmetal)
189 USD/ EUR

Mini 5 Zip Coral
151-189 USD/ EUR

Hudson Moto Mini Yellow
255 USD/ EUR

Hudson Moto Mini and Moto (large size)
204-255 USD/ EUR

Mini Mac Clutch Coral
189 USD/ EUR

Mini Mac Clutch Hot Red (Gunmetal)
189 USD/ EUR

Mini Mac Clutch Peach
189 USD/ EUR

Mini Mac Clutch Neon Pink (Gold)
189 USD/ EUR

Mini Mac Yellow (Silver)
 189 USD/ EUR

 Mac Clutch Red (Gunmetal) larger size
285 USD/ EUR

This designer really caught my eye, because I find her designs very unique, young and urban. On her site they are called "downtown-romantic" themed designs, which I think describes it well. All of her bags feature intricate, unique designs, like the 5 zipper design or the unique flaps and lobster clasps on her other bags. I also really like the long leather strings that are attached to the zipper and different linings (fans even shop for specific linings, which seem to vary depending on the store! Most popular has been the birdy lining.)

I recently purchased a RM bag (yes, I cheated on FOSSIL!!) and I want to reveal it soon with a matching look and detailed post/ video. :) (can you guess which one? Hint - it is not yellow, or blue)


I hope you enjoyed these bags, and
please let me know how you liked this post and if you would like to read more about (affordable) designer handbags in the future! 


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