✛ Early spring, hand sewn jacket and no make up

A perfect look for mild spring days! The layers and materials are just right for the warm weather and warm enough for slightly chilly evenings! :)
To be honest, I think this is one of my favorites so far. I have been having the dress and cardigan for a while. I saw them hung next to each other at the store and thought "perfect!".
The jacket, is hand sewn, at least partially because it used to be a  men's jean shirt (1990 vintage).
I completely took it apart but reused some of the details like the button facing. The sleeves were shortened, and I made the back part into the front. The shoulder was pleated to create a puffed sleeve effect. I changed the overall width by taking off some fabric and I removed the section with the pockets, the reattached the bottom part. I used part of the removed button facing for the bottom seam.
I removed the collar and created a wide round neck opening. I think the result is quite pretty and unusual. I was thinking of giving it a Renaissance chic flair :). 

The jacket is actually a bit longer in the front, just like the cardigan. I think the two go very well together :) I gave the back a round shape to match the front.

My hair do was very simple that day. I basically grabbed two random, small strands of hair and pulled the back, then loosely pinned them.
The cardigan is a silky woven fabric. It actually does have some silk content. Because of the way it is woven, it is slightly see through, which I find very pretty.

The dress is also made of silk in a beautiful citrus color. What I love about it is the pleated round neckline, combined with the lose shape. Btw., look who snuck into my pictures again! And this time he was modeling and posing for the camera ;). His handbag contains cars. He has been wanting a handbag, seeing me with my purses.

This picture was a fail for me, but look at his cute face with his fuzz blowing in the wind ^^.

Another one: 

No Make Up:

Blogger reduces the quality by shrinking the image. Here is the supersize:

I have been wanting to do a no make up look for a while. I don't always wear make up and I think it is important to be able to do that. Personally I feel that women don't really "need" make up. I feel they look beautiful without and don't know it. 

We are always so focused on fixing "flaws". It has become a real obsession nowadays and we tend to be overly critical. I have had many beautiful friends that hate things about themselves, that I don't see. 
But I think once a woman gets passed that, and when she is not afraid to be bare, it sends that "naturally beautiful" and content message. 
Of course some women deal with actual flaws, like uneven skin, tone, pimples etc. And I totally understand not wanting to show them off without make up. But we should do whatever we can to look as good as possible naturally first, before covering flaws with make up. When you have a healthy glow and clear, even skin, do you really "need" make up? I don't think so. 
Not everyone has the key to success, also because today's "beauty science" is false beauty science, products make false promises. Beauty comes from the inside out! Your skin, your hair, eyes, nails, body, they all reflect your health, nutrition and life style....so you can look great at any age, and not just when you are very young and your health hasn't suffered yet. 
Products are just a band aid, but not a cure and should only be an addition, not your main source of help (not to mention many products are damaging on the long run) 
I have had my fair share of problems, more than the average person. My health worsened in my late teens, only little things at first, it continued to worsen, and by my mid 20's I was unbelievably sick. Doctors would ask me how it is possible I have so many problems at such a young age. Shortly after, the problems started showing on the outside. My hair started falling out, it was brittle, my skin worsened, I lost weight and just looked more sick overall and I kept going through ups and downs. When I got pregnant, I started to make drastic changes. I wanted to give my son a healthy and strong mom, not a sickly, weak mom that might die before she reaches her 50's. 
Well, nowadays I am healthier than ever... and eventually that started showing on the outside too. With the help of my scientific knowledge and some nutritional knowledge I had gained over the years, I fixed my own problems. 
Of course I don't look like a supermodel, but I'm just happy to be looking healthy nowadays :) 
I write about this on my other, non fashion blog - longhaired at heart...because I hope it will help others with similar problems. So far the feedback has been amazing and although it was hard going through all this, I am glad that my experiences can help others. 


I used the braided rhine stone necklace from the last vintage look I posted. I really love the look of it! The quality is really good for fashion jewelry, it is hard to tell it isn't real silver. I combined it with a hand made silver lotus petal necklace that I got off of Etsy. The designer does lovely work, I think she is some of the best on Etsy! 

This time I also got a really good picture of my watch. The watch face has a shimmery texture in the center, which I really like. It also has rhinestones in place of the numbers and around the face of the watch. The straps are removable and many different colors and styles can be worn :)

The shoes are made of suede leather and very comfortable. I like the unique style and shape.

I got this handbag to go with this dress! It was only 9.99! I think it looks good for the price, but it certainly isn't a high quality bag. The simple boxy flap style is cute though, and it holds just what I need. If you read my recent posts about designer bags, you might have noticed it looks a bit like one of the Hugo Boss bags.

Clothing Items:

Jacket: handmade
Dress, Cardigan (2009), Bag (2014): H&M 
Sandals (2009): Kohl's 
Braided Necklace: Bijou Brigitte
Lotus Petal Necklace: String of Blue go to the 'sold' section and ask the seller for a custom order. She does not list things very often because she is busy with orders.




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