✛ Nohheinig noh sunna ni scein noh mano ni liuhta ...

A gothy, 80's inspired look for a night at a concert! My idea was to create something that looks a bit "witchy", and isn't too dark and harsh for this occasion.
I am really happy with the outcome! The look was also pretty comfortable. People tend to think these platforms are difficult to walk in and uncomfortable. But it is the total opposite. They are more comfortable than most heels.

We went to see a band that covers "Rammstein" songs. They are doing a great job at it and the event is local and affordable ;)
I apologize for the picture quality, my camera doesn't take the best pictures with flash :/. My old , cheap camera does better with flash photos weirdly.

These boots have a white lace exterior and I matched them with the white mesh top. This skirt is definitely ones of my favorite skirts. It is so full and that layer of tulle is so unique! Plus, it can go with many styles and also looks worn with something that isn't gothy.

The biker jean jacket is a nice touch of color, but not too much. It helps softening the look a bit. I tried it on with a leather jacket also, and it would have been too much for the occasion. The hat, shoes, skirt, corset...are already pretty dramatic.

The (fine) mesh top really softens the look. It has ribbons as a romantic detail and by pulling on the string the front gets a more rushed look (?)...it is a bit hard to describe ;).
I ripped the tights myself...they started out with minor wholes, but these are the cheap type of tights that really rip well.

The corset is a underbust corset. It ends under the bust, but slightly flares on top to fit the very bottom of the boobs. I don't like to tighten it much, as I like to breathe freely, but it maintains it's shape well because of the boning already. 

The bag is a good size because it fits my rather big camera too. It also adds something unique to a look because it looks pretty unusual.
The hat adds a perfect witchy touch, and also has some of that 80's, "Boy George" attitude. Note that I always wear the hat far back. Not only was that the style then, I also find it more flattering since it looks a bit more feminine.

Fashion Items:

Jacket ('09), Top ('03), Skirt ('06): H&M 
Platform boots: Wholesale7
Hat: From the Frankfurt Christmas Fair, I lost their web address :((

Some concert photos:

Drinking Apple Wine :) and messy hair from headbanging (yes, I took the hat off and put it back on)

The main singer from "die Bestien" (The Beasts)

The headline is part of a Medieval Poem:


Wessobrunner Gebet 

Dat gafregin ih mit firahim firiuuizzo meista,
Dat ero ni uuas noh ufhimil,
noh paum noh pereg ni uuas,
ni ‹sterro› nohheinig noh sunna ni scein,

noh mano ni liuhta, noh der marę o seo.
Do dar niuuiht ni uuas enteo ni uuenteo,
enti do uuas der eino almahtico cot,
manno miltisto, enti dar uuarun auh manake mit inan
cootlihhe geista. enti cot heilac.

Cot almahtico, du himil enti erda gauuorahtos 
enti du mannun so manac coot forgapi:
forgip mir in dino ganada rehta galaupa 
enti cotan uuilleon, uuistóm enti spahida enti craft,
tiuflun za uuidarstantanne enti arc za piuuisanne 
enti dinan uuilleon za gauurchanne.


Das erfragte ich bei den Menschen (als) der Wunder größtes,
daß die Erde nicht war noch der Himmel oben,
noch [auch nur ein] Baum noch ein Berg war,
noch auch nur ein [Stern], noch die Sonne schien,

noch der Mond leuchtete noch der glänzende See.
Als da nicht irgendetwas war (an) Enden und Wenden, 
und doch war da der eine, allmächtige Gott,
der Männer mildester, und da waren auch eine Menge dabei
gütige Geister, und der heilige Gott ...

Gott, allmächtiger, (der) du Himmel und Erde schufst
und (der) du den Menschen so viel Gutes gabst,
gib mir in deiner Gnade rechten Glauben
und guten Willen, Weisheit und `Durchblick' und Kraft,
(um) dem Teufel zu widerstehen und das Arge abzuweisen
und deinen Willen zu `wirken'.


This I learnt among mortal men as the greatest wonder
That there was neither the earth nor the heaven above
Nor was there any tree nor mountain
Neither any [star] at all, nor did the sun shine
Nor the moon gleam, nor [was there] the glorious sea.
When there was nothing, no ending and no limits,
There was the One Almighty God
Of all beings the greatest in grace, and many with him,
Good spirits, and God [is] holy.

Almighty God, Who created heaven and earth and gave so much good to men, in Your grace give me right belief and good will, wisdom, wit and strength to resist devils and turn from evil and do Your will.


Fawn said...

I love the shoes, however for this outfit I would go for dark grey or sth like that. Still, cool shoes. :D I dream o having one of these but don't know which colour would fit my clothes (other than black of course, haha!).

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hi Fawn!

These shoes are great! I actually have three pairs of this style in different colors :D.
They are available in all sorts of colors, also grey or even black patent leather. I chose the off white color here because it was the exact color of the shirt and I thought it would make both pop a bit. :)I would love grey ones too though, would fit many looks.

Mihaela Pojogu said...

Cool look dear Emi, the whole assemble, love the skirt and the hat.



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