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Today's post features more photos of the actual fair than me, but it should be interesting to see the get up of the knights and Reenactors too :)
First, here is my outfit. I was so busy I only got one picture. I did not want to do a photo shoot also because I did not want to be rude towards friends that I invited.

This is entirely hand sewn by me. The patterns were reconstructed from images and drawn right onto the fabric. This is a fairly authentic depiction of a 950 AD viking woman. I used authentic fabrics only (linen and wool) and I make sure I stick to colors that were possible at the time (since fabrics were dyed with plant dyes). 

The outfit consists of:

1. Un-dyed linen dress (2012). A full skirt is achieved by inserting gussets (triangles) into the length. This is the most authentic way also because handwoven pieces of fabric were smaller. So wide skirts had to be pieced together. The dress has slim sleeves, which was typical for viking garb, a round neck line and is ankle length. Longer dresses were also worn but not as practical, and I am more of a middle class lady.

Forget what you see in Hollywood movies, because for the most part they are not authentic!

2. The apron (2005) is made of wool. Different styles of aprons were worn by viking women and usually held together by fibulas. Most often these fibulas were large, oval ornamented brooches, but smaller clover leaf fibulas have also been found (you actually can't see them here since they are covered). An amber necklace si hung between the fibulas. Glass beads were also very popular.
3. The vest (2006) is basically just a sleeveless "Klappenrock", like a jacket with flaps much like the wrapped jackets that are worn in many Asian countries. It is possibly inspired by fashion of Asian and the Middle East. On their travels viking tradesmen made it all the way to the Silk Road!

Long belts like this one (2003) were worn all throughout the middle ages. Mine has little Triskele studs in bronze as well as an ornamented buckle and end piece. The key suspended from the belt is actually a house key. Viking women hung practical items like scissors, keys or spoons from chains or belts. It is also a status symbol, since not everyone could afford a fancy key or even lock their house ;).

The knife was given to me by a Viking Black Smith I worked for on my first official fair. It is a replica of a Viking knife native to Birka, Sweden.

Accessories: I am wearing amber earrings, a bronze mini fibula in my hair, a bronze wrist cuff with wolf head ornaments, a labradorite necklace, leather boots and a viking coin hung on the amber necklace.

My outfit has a few "Eastern" influences (the Klappenrock, the mohair apron) because our group of Reenactors depicts traders from Birka Sweden. Their fashion was much inspired by the East and exotic materials or jewelry were often imported. 

Pictures of the fair:

Reenactors usually camp at fairs and get free entrance. In turn they depict Medieval Living as authentic as possible. In Germany camps are fairly authentic! 

Selling garments from their camp!

Displaying and storing weapons

Vikings in their camp. Note the lady on the right combing her at least knee length hair! 

I can't translate this construction into English, but it was a common way to cook over fire. Many Reenactors take pride into preparing fresh foods in their camps.

Fur is also sold a Medieval Fairs! Often from goats, cows or sheep, but also all sorts of wild animals!

Images from a jousting tournament! 

I just liked how the focus was (accidentally) on the rope, because one of them is about to die! :P

Women also fought! 

Beautiful princess hair! 

Also a woman on the left, a baroness.

This guy rode like the devil!

Fully dressed up horse

Where the Tavern workers sleep. How cool is that!

The castle ruin (Freienfels) seen from the Tavern

Battling toddlers! 

90% of kids at the fair have a sword, so while walking around kids duell each other all the time ;)

He likes his get up!

I made this for him little by little. The pants aren't medieval for comfort. The linen shirt is made from the same linen as my dress and the wool sweater from the same wool I used for my Klappenrock :). Re-using is the thing to do! The hat and shoulder warmers is made from orange wool, I did not have time to iron it, so it curls up a bit. I made it within a few hrs because we were expecting rain. My son like to wear a little leather pouch around his hips for little treasures. His shoes are just regular brown leather shoes. Medieval shoes are not the most comfortable and weather proof for little kids, so I won't go there for now and stick to somewhat authentic looking brown leather shoes with a rubber sole (I personally wear a rubber sole too! Leather is sooo slippery!)

These two guys were part of Midgard from the beginning. Our group of Reenactors became inactive when I left to the US in '07, so it was good to reconnect and plan future fairs. 

Many people do bring their animals!! Even horses and cattle. I have taken my dog before.

Medieval camps vs. Modern Homes

Viking chairs, they look so cozy! Sheep fur is the most amazing material. I slept on it during colder nights on top of hay and I was warm the whole night (the secret is also to keep many layers of clothing on and cover your head- layering = warmth) Anyhow, I would love to have a camp like that!

Not sure what we were talking about lol.

These two lol...they are besties.

The location was amazingly beautiful! A valley surrounded by hills and lush forest! 

The orient is a big part of fairs in Germany, providing Middle Eastern music, foods, beverages..that is how I learned about Chai Tea before the hype! I also love their turkish honey and all the sweets and dried berries. This is like a Medieval Cafe and always good for a break.

More camp life after the fair. When visitors go home, Reenactors party (without modern things of course, the point is to get away from the modern world for a bit)

I love this poncho and the asymmetrical skirt! This isn't authentic, but rather "Romantic Middle Ages inspired clothing". I think it would look great in modern fabrics.

Some images from 2012: 

We did not walk to the castle this time because of my sister's knee problems. But here are some castle (and fair) images from 2012!




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