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Quote —Jean Cocteau. This look is 60's inspired, yet modern and features the cutest bird print dress. The look is kept bright and friendly with gold accessories and tan leather.

I wanted this to be a city look for a warm summer day that included walks by the river, little cafes and boutiques. The day was very relaxed and the look was fuss free, yet stylish.

The look:

The dress is made of a textured chiffon material. I like how the hem is just a tiny bit translucent. To me this is one of those dresses that look classy dressed up in many different ways and suit many occasions. The skirt is slightly flared and the dress is fitted, but not tight. It is one of my favorites at the moment.

We had some very interesting light here near Schillergasse, lots of sun and shade.


60's inspired with a tiny platform. They are not vintage, but they look just like platforms I have seen at the local flea market before (sadly not my size)

The heels on these are very interesting. Curved and they taper towards the back. 


I prefer bigger frames. I know technically my face is a bit too small, and I look like a bug, but smaller glasses look odd on me too. These are rounded but a bit pointed on the outer edge. A style that I like a lot.


The beaded bracelet is actually magnetic and made of glass and hematite gemstones. Magnetic bracelets are supposed to improve the blood flow. My mom got me this one for mother's day. The other bracelet is made to look like a nail. This is actually designer inspired, but unbranded and not a replica. A good alternative if you don't have $3000 to spend but still like the design ;)

The bag: 

Nothing fancy or expensive, but a cute little bag for going out. It fits only necessities. I thought the shape was quite unique and the interior is nice - black lining and 3 compartments.

Make Up:

All that picture taking and we were unable to get a clear picture of my face. My camera isn't always easy to handle as it is more advanced than me or my husband's photography skills ;). So I included a close up from my Instagram (iPod quality = meh)

I am wearing a thin line of black kohl kajal pencil on my upper lid. My eyelashes were curled, but without mascara. It is actually a good trick to get a subtle "mascara look" without the product. My lower inner eyelid is lined in white and I used light brown eye shadow underneath my eyes. I you like to use concealer under your eyes I would like to share something else with you - when you create a white water line it will change the "intensiveness" of your eye. It will look a bit softer. Now, when you put a lot of concealer, there is no natural shadow near your lash line, which can in turn make your eyes look smaller, less intense. My suggestion is to either skip concealer, or conceal lightly only, not getting to close to the lash line. The light brown eye shadow also helps, but I don't always do that. I personally avoid concealer  under my eyes because it tends to look weird and make the skin under my eyes dry.

(I have been asked about dark circles before and what can be done about them. I totally understand if someone wants to cover up dark circles. I don't have a huge tendency for it, but I had times where I wasn't healthy and I had circles to some degree. I later found out it had to do with my liver. My liver enzymes were raised which is often caused by toxins, and that can show up as dark circles. Dark circles are hardly ever "just there". They are caused by something that is happening inside your body and can have to do with blood flow, something in your diet, toxins. There are things that can be done though and I promise I will cover this topic in detail on my health blog in the future. If you haven't added it to your list, now is a good moment to do so:)


The shoot location:

I tried to pick something pretty and close to Starbucks ;P:

Fashion Items, where to get them:

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Deichmann
Bag: Zara
Glasses: Six
Nail Bracelet: Ebay (search nail bracelet)
Magnetic bracelet: Ebay (a gift)

Some pictures of Frankfurt and the "natives" on a warm summer day :) :

Frankfurt is very urban, multicultural and you see people of all ages in the city. Some cities are young cities, or suitable for seniors, but I feel Frankfurt is home to all sorts of characters.



"Baby wearing dad" just had to be photographed. It is so common here that Dads wear babies in a wrap. ;)
The light effects in the photos are called light leaks btw. and can be done with a camera but these are made with pixlr (someone asked before)

Hope you enjoyed it and as always feedback is very welcome! :)


Fawn said...

That dress is an absolute perfection! The whole look is perfect! Is it that warm in Germany already? In Poland it's too cold to call it summer. :( Oh dear what's happening... it's been around 16 C degrees for the last 2 months (apart from several single days allowing you to wear a dress and sandals).
Is the dress from this summer's collection?

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hi Fawn!
Yes, it has been quite war here. Spring was pretty warm and summer has been a bit cloudy but the temperatures stay around 20-25 C. At the moment it is actually hot and sunny, but definitely not the sunniest summer! I had no idea it is this chilly in Poland right now! I hope you guys will get warm weather soon! :( The dress is from 3 months ago. It already went on sale though and might be sold out now, not sure. I saw it in stores on sale about 1 month ago (for 10 Eur!). I think this dress will also go great with a fall/ winter wardrobe and tights. :)



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