✛ And in July we wear black...

I love black (logically ;)...-> Black Metal and Gothic Music), and I think all black looks are striking in summer too. 

Black makes your features stand out, it is simple and doesn't distract, it is easy to match and all black can look very fashionable alone. I know many women are afraid of wearing it, because they fear they would look like they are going to a graveyard...but it depends entirely on how you dress it up.

Many also think that black only looks good with a tan...but look at me - pale skin, auburn hair and all. I don't feel I look bad in black (I never understood that "you need a tan to wear X color" anyway. Your natural skin tone is flattering...says mother nature)

So what is the different between a fab all black look and a drab all black look? 
For one I feel that black likes a few accessories. It doesn't really matter what. I styled it all gold and more elegant but pretty much anything works.

The material also matters. Anything chiffon, tulle or silky will instantly upgrade a look, textured is also very trendy right now. Black can show flaws easily, like lint or when the material gets worn. So make sure your black items look new and black as night. Sometimes black shades also differ a bit, watch out for that too so you don't end up with blue black and washed out black.

My outfit has, like it often does, vintage influences. This is not only because I like it, but also because the current fashion period is the "copycat era". We literally mostly copy from past eras at the moment like never before :P. The good side is we get to stock up on unique pieces.

Here is my outfit:

I stuck to all chiffon for this look. As you can see the material is quite thin and flowy, which works well in summer. What looks like a short skirt are actually "culottes", so wide shorts that fall like a skirt. They give a great look without risking anyone seeing your butt.

The blouse has an early 60's touch with a slight flare and is tied with a ribbon in the same material. I also really like the rounded collar. It is very versatile.


I decided for a half up this time. It is a great way of wearing your hair if you want it down, but a little pulled back.

Little Ribbon, metal claw clip with golden Rhine stones

The light was a little weird, but I think my ends are sun bleached from last summer...natural ombre so to say ;). A half up takes away the layers from the side, so it sort of "slims down" the hair curtain a bit, which looks elegant in my opinion.

Some detail. I pulled my hair back loosely and pulled out a little layer (which is not cut, it is just regrowth). I tend to wear sunglasses on my head...I think it adds a nice touch and it can work almost like a headband. 

More details:

The pleating of the culottes/ shorts is really pretty in my opinion.

Le bag:

I took a few more bag shots this time because this little bag is one of my favorites (and fairly new, so if you like it you can still purchase it, for a while)

I like the box shape, and I found the front detail pretty unusual. It is one rather big pocket (even though it looks like a few) in the front that closes with magnets.

The pebbled leather gives it a unique touch and I find it to be very resilient. Rain was unable to cause any damage and the bag was dry within seconds (not that I recommend soaking your bag ^^, but if it happens...)

The hardware is made of matte, brushed gold tone brass and engraved along the zippers as well as the clasps. The bag also has a metal logo plate in the back. The lining features a graphic pattern, which I think is very pretty. If you want to see more details of this bag, keep an eye on the "about" section of my blog, because I am almost done uploading many detailed pictures of all my bags. :)

More accessories:

Retro inspired sunglasses in dark red, with a graduated tint. I like this type of tint because it looks less harsh, very soft. The shape and size of these sunnies must be flattering on everyone. I usually don't have much of a sunglasses face but these work for me (and I wear sunglasses anyway, they are fun and really useful).
I can only recommend this brand! Most of my sunglasses are from this one fairly low priced accessory brand. The fit is great even for smaller faces and they have a lot of cute, fashionable pieces. They also protect your eyes fairly well as tested recently by a consumer magazine.

The gold disc necklace is from a brand whose name I don't remember, so I will list a similar designer. You can also find these on Etsy in different lengths :) 

The culottes:

It was hard to capture the detail in this light that day but I wanted to show just how "wearable" these are! :)

The front: they do look daring up front...but not cheap. I also don't think anyone would mistake them for the shortest skirt in history. They do have a shorts like flow much like "skorts". They are a bit longer towards the center.

Back: they have black shorts underneath, so even if they should fly up...there are only shorts to see. I never had a problem with them flying up though. They end a good deal below the butt cheeks...even on me. I say that because a common problem for me is fitting these inside shorts. They always hang out on the bottom even with shorts that look decent in others. I don't know what it is...if my hip to butt cheek distance is longer than average clothing...but yeah, this will give everyone pretty good coverage. :)

The shoes:

Gladiator style, but very understated, which is exactly what I like about this pair. Sandals can be so complicated nowadays and it is nice to wear a simpler pair for a change. Instead I think the soft, tan leather really stands out and the shoe is flattering to the foot with the straps in the right places. They are also super comfortable...like you are not wearing shoes.

Fashion Items:

Blouse (2008) and skirt (2014) : H&M 
Sunglasses (2012) : Six
Necklace, forgot brand (2009) : inspired by Me&Ro Jewelry, or search gold/ silver discs necklace on Etsy for more affordable options
Bag (2014): Rebecca Minkoff "Jules Crossbody" (or do a search for more sites and styles, Germans check out fashionette.de for something local)
Sandals: Sommerkind or from Werdich
Hairclip: Koreana, there is no website, but there are 2 stores in NYC that I know have these. One is by the Chanin building on 42nd street, the other a few blocks down of 42nd st on 5th Avenue (before 34th st)

Hope you liked it and let me know what you think about dressing all black in summer! :)


Henrietta said...

Your hair looks so great! :) When I look at it I wish, again, to have 1a low porosity hair, even though I generelly accepted my waves :)
And I love the whole outfit. Your blog is the only fashion/clothing blog I follow ;)

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you Henrietta! :) I feel honored to be the only fashion blog.

I love wavy hair. Sometimes I try to keep water waves in my hair but they don't stick around. It looks more like dents at the end of the day ;)

I might try it for a look in the future.

Henrietta said...

I used to think straight hair is just awesome. Because it seems to me that it always looks healthy (this smoothness and shine!) and just fabulous. I have to deal with comments such as "you take care of your hair so intensively and it still looks dry" and it's hard to convince people that waves are hard to maintain. Then I noticed that straight-haired people also complain ;) For instance that it's hard to curl hair. So I learned that each hair type, even the one I saw as perfect, has its disadvantages ;)

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Both hair types certainly do have their pros and cons. What always bugged me, is when people assumed my hair must be thin because it is straight and not poufy. Even pre hair loss when it was thick. And I have experienced texture changes with illness. I had times when my hair was silkier (up to 2009) and times when it was rather porous, less shiny...around 2012 from health issues. It has been going back to normal though....slowly. I think the mainstream way of thinking is that natural waves are messy and the only well cared for waves are the fake waves so many celebrities wear ;)



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