✛ Call me Blondie

~"Call Me" is a 1980 song by the American new wave band Blondie. Released in early 1980. 

I wore this look to a recent Rock Festival. I was expecting warm weather, but it seems that in Germany summer is beyond over, so I had to alter the outfit for cold weather. I think the Jean blouse and leather leggings are a nice addition though and bring out that early 1980's vibe even a bit more. 

The look is 80's inspired, with a bit of 90's grunge and updated, 2014 trends. I think the styles go well together.

I'm sick (persistent, bad case of Yersiniosis that has been lasting for years) and have to take antibiotics with lots of side effects, so I did not stay at the Festival very long. Hopefully I will feel fine for the next festival on the 30th ;)

This describes how I feel:

Hat, Make Up, Earrings:

I wore reddish brown lip liner under my eyes, for a grungy look, combined with grey eye shadow.

Cross earrings stand out a lot and they keep coming back in fashion! Cross symbol jewelry was already popular in the 80's and again in the 90's.
Did you know that the cross was originally a Pagan symbol for Heaven and Earth as well as the elements, north-east-south and west and later adapted by Christianity? No wonder many are drawn to this simple, but strong symbol.

This hat I got from a local hat maker is so versatile! Hope to see the shop again at one of the next fairs.


It is about half the usual length, but I did not cut it! :) So what is the trick?

Answer: My hair was tied in knots, which automatically shortens it and creates a round looking tail. 

More views of the overall look:

I really like how the dress is a tank top and skirt in one!

Buy the bag? lol

Bag and Shoes:

Just a cute and practical 3 pouch bag from H&M :)

Flatform sneakers! So comfy but add some drama.

Fashion Items:

Everything aside from the hat is H&M!

A few outtakes:

My sister and my mom at the Festival:

My mom is 57 and my sister 5 yrs. younger than me and they have the same youthful clothing style ;). I like how my mom dresses young. 

Blondie "Call Me" Music Video


Alina B. said...

I really like this look, its so effortless yet cool and very comfortable too.:)I like your parka too btw, can't believe you already had to put that on...

Henrietta said...

Wow :-) On the two "buy the bag" shots your skirt is kind of composed into the graffiti on the wall. Awesome effect! :-)

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you both for the comments! Sorry I haven't checked my comments in a little, so here is my late reply.
Alina - Glad the look came across this way. I did not want to be overdressed for the festival ;) The Parka is thin, but it was pretty chilly later during the day...
Henrietta - You're right! :) I noticed that a bit later too. I definitely liked shooting in front of this wall!



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