✛Casual 90's with elegant Vintage

I love mixing different styles to create something unique! It adds some drama, but not in an attention grabbing way. It turns out very wearable.
I think a great way of dressing up is when you look stylish, feminine, but still casual enough for the day time. That is usually what I chose for a day/ evening in the city. In this case a Night Flea Market hosted by a popular radio station.
After the flea market we spent some time at a cozy cafe & bar and later took a stroll to the river where an annual fair was held. I took a lot of beautiful pictures of the city.

This outfit contains one self made item and one altered item.
The simple, large T-Shirt is what I would consider something typically 90's when T-Shirts weren't as fitted. The round glasses are a trend from the 60's (John Lennon, Woodstock, Hippies), that was revived in the 90's and now it is back again. 

The red skirt is that feminine piece and a pop of color in mostly black and white outfit. Wide, high waisted skirts like that are originally a thing of the 50's. To me they also resembles the skirts of Medieval and Renaissance dresses, just shorter and less elaborate. But I think any wide skirt that is knee length + will give you that graceful silhouette that women have been drawn to for centuries! 

I wore flat sandals with a thick, almost platform sole. This is also a fairly new trend and likely inspired by 90's sandals, that looked as if they can be worn at the pool/ beach. I think this trend is really unusual and certainly a statement. Especially in times were stilettos are so popular and almost a must with certain outfits, I like seeing comfortable alternatives that work IRL.

I really like how that pop of yellow goes with the red/black/white theme! 

The self made item in this look is the kimono shrug by the way! I made it from a textured, satin like fabric. It is perfect for really long hair because it flows nicely and it really does stay put and neat better this way. It may seem odd to dress for wearing long hair down, but I personally find it annoying when my hair gets caught on certain fabric, belts, straps gets static etc. This is a really convenient piece of clothing ;)

Make Up wise I wore a rose lip color, brown eye shadow and black eye liner. I didn't have much time at all, and this was a quick make up. I also used a pencil on my brows, but I feel they look a bit odd here. Maybe not the best light to show case make up.
It is impossible for my hair not to look fuzzy with this back light and multiple layers of fuzzy regrowth from the recent 4 hair loss episodes. My hair at my temples almost look spiky :P I tried to pin the left side back though, if you want to call it a style. It started doing that too keep the regrowth by that whirl on my left temple under control. It tends to stick out like a horn

I don't have a good face for sunglasses. My face is fairly small and the shape doesn't agree with many styles of eye wear. But because I like extraordinary sunglasses so much, I do wear them regardless if they don't look completely horrible :P

I like this pair a lot. Who cares I look like fancy bug :P.

The T-Shirt used to be a plain fruit of the Loom, size L T-Shirt. The font was printed onto the shirt and I purchased it from the print shop for 98 cents. I altered the sleeves by cropping them and folding them up, then sewing it in place to resemble the original Celine brand T-Shirt. 

There have been lots of shirts like these among bloggers lately. All of them are slightly altered to resemble the high fashion label shirt, but altered enough to avoid copyright issues. They are also called "ironic designer shirts" and can be found on Ebay.

Not sure what the exact message these have, but I think they send the messages that fashion and designers should not be taken too seriously. Afterall, designers can laugh about it too (no joke!)
The original Celine shirt will cost you over 400 USD, and I don't know where and if it can be purchased at the moment.

A fairly good view of the shrug. I created the pattern myself. Or rather, I drew the outline straight onto the fabric. As a help I used a T-Shirt and then altered the sleeves. I will probably make a few more of these in different lengths and variations. 

The bag: 

A little bit ago I decided to save money a premiere designer bag. Owning contemporary designer bags only, I wanted to see if you really get more quality for more money. And in this case you certainly do! It is a small bag, and not the most expensive brand. That plus the fact that I got it on sale certainly made it easier. 

The bag is very well crafted, and the leather of amazing quality. All the details are beautiful, as well as the interior fabric and design. You can see the bag in more detail here: http://silberinmanelieht.blogspot.de/p/my-handbags.html

The snake skin gives it a vintage look, as well as the structured, classic flap with buckle design. I also really love the brass turn lock. The size is just perfect. The yellow is a very interesting detail. It can only be seen from certain angles.

I like how The Purse Forum members put it:
"...the yellow is on the side so it's not too obvious, I think, and it's a nice surprise for when you see the side of the bag. "
 "I think the yellow does add some visual interest, without being as in-your-face as if the whole bag was yellow."
If you are concerned about the exotic skin, I actually did some research and also sent MCM an Email. The snakeskin used comes from elaphe guttata, which is not an endangered species. They actually multiply quickly in the wild and are hunted traditionally in Asia to be used for food and medicine. So all parts of the snake are being reused just like with cowhide leather. The meat in restaurants and parts of the body in traditional Asian Medicine. The brand said they produce in a controlled environment using modern methods. 

I personally wear what gets eaten, and what isn't considered an endangered species. But everyone has their own comfort zone. My great grandmother wore Mink and the production wasn't much discussed in the 30's ;)

The shoes:

Very simple with one wide strap in the front and an ankle strap in the back.

Though these are made to look like snake, they are made of regular cow leather. My husband really likes these...and weirdly all things snake textured. It is funny, because he is not the guy to dress fashionable, but I can ask him for his advise on anything and he fully supports all my fashion things ;)


A popular choice for "Blogger T-Shirts" are chunky BIB necklaces or curb chains. I do like that style, but given the whole Vintage flair, I wanted to give something more delicate a try. I personally love how it looks with this freshwater pearl necklace! :)

I mixed and matched gold and silver jewelry this time. It works if the jewelry has a similar style...(romantic, contemporary, etc.)
The bracelets are quite thick and heavy with nail screw designs. I also got them off of Ebay and so far they have been holding up well!

The earrings resemble vintage button style earrings. These are from Marc by Marc Jacobs and have a logo plus the brand name engraved. They are available in black gold, silver, rose gold and yellow gold. I got them on Ebay and they were sample sale goods to begin with. So I only paid about 11 Euros, instead of 70.
The seamless, gold plated ring was purchased from crazy factory. The type of cartilage piercing is called a "forward helix", because it is on the opposite side of a regular helix piercing.

Fashion Items:

Skirt: Zara
T-Shirt: Ebay, search Celine Paris Shirt 
Kimono Shrug: Handmade by me
Shoes, Sunglasses: H&M Premium Collection
Necklace: Gift
Earrings: Ebay
Handbag: MCM Little Veronika Visetos Snake
Shop in Germany: Small size, Regular size (now 40% off)

And I took some beautiful pictures of Frankfurt. I don't know why, but cities, architecture and nature fascinate me and I never get tired taking pictures. I'm certainly not a good photographer, I just like taking pictures ;)

Hauptwache und Liebfrauenkirche. 

A very popular store among the youngsters is Primark. Very trendy and very affordable!

The Night Flea Market was held in an old church! The church garden's were surrounded by wall graves.

I took this image of the flea market from the stage where the DJ was playing music actually! Lots of trendy, young people sold their own belongings and I actually spotted some interesting quality and designer items! 

It was very crowded as you can see! 

We left after a little while to enjoy Frankfurt at night. I love how alive the city is! Especially at night. 

Moon and the Commerzbank tower, which was the highest building in Europe until 2012, when the UK outbuilt us :P Still, Frankfurt has a large amount of very tall buildings. Check out all of Europe's tall buildings here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_the_European_Union

Glowing city at nightfall

Commerzbank Tower illuminated and the Zeil Galerie shopping mall which features a unique spiral design that leads you from one store to the next until you reach the top.

Note, this is NOT a busy night in Frankfurt. It can get way more crowded ^^.

Old and new in Harmony. Also something I like about Frankfurt and many European cities in general.

Zeilgalerie also features escalators and glass elevators. And a very futuristic design. It was built in the 90's, believe it or not! Though the exterior was silver to begin with and Zeilgalerie was fixed up some time in the late 2000's.

From the top, you have a very nice view of the Taunus Mountain range.

And of course Europe's biggest skyline :P

Other parts of the city look like this from above:

You can recognize the main streets because they are so illuminated by light.

I have no idea why my hair looks so red here...

Hope you enjoyed this very detailed look and the pictures of the city! 


Carmen Miralles said...

Very nice post, Emi! Thanks for letting me know about your FB page and this Blog.
I love the shrug idea and am going to make one too. :)

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hi Carmen! Nice to see you here and I am glad you like it! :)
Share when your shrug is done! I'd love to see it! ^^



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