✛ Fall/ Winter 2014 wearable fashion Marc by Marc Jacobs, Céline, Valentino

Part 2 of designer's fall/ winter collection feautures more unique and enchanting designs. Enjoy!

Just like in the first part, I will be discussing the wearability of these items and the creative thought behind them. Designers were very creative this year, combining tribal and nomad to bohemian items with enchanted, romantic pieces, and there is also still a definite men's wear and vintage trend happening. Furs have also been seen in almost every designer's collection.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs

I only included the second part of his collection. The first featured a lot of sporty looking items that were so wildly combined, I failed to see the beauty in them. Sporty pieces are great, and creatively layering them too, but it was a bit much and I think for basic sportswear, a guide isn't needed ;)

So on to some of the fancier looks.
Marc by Marc Jacobs is big on this very strong plaid print this year. I do like it in small doses. You can also see a sweater layered with a more formal jacket here (left), which I think is a great idea and would also work well with jeans. Knowing that a blazer or little formal jacket can be dressed up casually is worth a lot when it comes to fashion because it just opens so many more possibilities! 
I also love the thick belt!

Culottes (wide legged, half length pants) are big this fall, but we are also seeing wide legged pants in boots like shown on the left for an almost military look (think Military of the earlier 1900's). Right you see a surprisingly neutral combo suitable for every occasion. What is unusual is that the skirt is light and the blouse dark with the addition of a light collar.

Apparently the bow tie stole also works well tied around the hips! I can especially see this work with dramatic evening looks, edgy looks worn on for fashionable events AND Goth Fashion! The layering on the left is interesting, and while the exact combo may be a bit much, adapting elements of it would work in a day to say outfit (like layering the top over a shirt only for example)

And here we get to my favorite part of the collection and what ultimately made me feature MBMJ :). An amazing combination of tough rock and goth elements, with something that has a vintage country appeal to it and a touch of military (think WW2 traditional fashion, English Country Style of the time and the Military Suits and bags). The layering is also very interesting and I have done this before, especially with goth looks. This looks like 2 skirts layered or on the right, a dress layered over a poufy skirt. I think the turtlenecks can be eliminated or replaced by matching color turtlenecks to normalize the look a bit.

A heavy, cropped sleeve sweater also works really well with a frilly skirt and even neutralizes it a bit! The version on the right is almost dressy and I love how this bow/ stole looks on this outfit. I believe it is a long scarf with a wire sewn in. I'm tempted to make this if I have the time and material!

Left is like a perfect Goth look...I'd wear it just like that! :D Right is also beautiful, and fairly simple. I think the bow/ stole/ scarf thingie can be worn in so many ways and possibly also tied like a less obvious bow over a coat in winter.


Boxy handbags have been shown in almost every collection. Notice the sharp edges all around. Most bags feature a flap with a turn lock opening. Very unique and different from the many slouchy and shapeless bags we see most of the time.

I also love the hairstyle all models wore. Somewhat messy braids with a center part and a simple black hair circlet.

Distressed biker jacket and a very practical looking bag!

This bag definitely has something vintage about it! 

The red stands out beautifully against her pale skin and hair! I just want to note how many models wear their natural hair color. A little insider info - Natural hair colors in the blonde to dark brown range have more facettes, highlights and lowlights than dyed hair colors, which are generally more "opaque". This results into a unique look however because in certain light natural hair colors can look quite pale, or "illuminated". We aren't used to seeing this, because the majority of women with these hair colors dye their hair in some way (just think of the "dishwater" blondes). High Fashion models are preferred to be appear unique, a bit edgy and naturally beautiful. So natural hair and skin colors are very common among catwalk models. This was one thing that also inspired me to grow out my natural hair color years ago. My natural color is a true chameleon, depending on the light.

2. Céline

I also featured only part of the collection here. Some things I just did not get, or didn't stand out to me. Overall Celine has a neutral vibe this year with a bit of suits and menswear, classic vintage and lovely little details like slit skirts.

Definitely love the longer length and creative buttons here. 

These are great, ready to wear items too. The collar of the shirt on the left is fantastic. The look on the right is organic, preppy, casual and great for every day. Here we also see a slit skirt, which seems to have 2 slits in the front to create this effect! Definitely a trend to try this year!

I love the coat on the left, slouchy, oversized, with some minor fur detail (cuffs) and the barely there plaid print in only two similar colors is very fashionable! I also really like how it is dressed up with chunky platforms!

 More creative slits, in the collar, the skirts and we can see this trend works great with pullovers, blouses and coats.

1940's style coats with creative elements. The leopard print coat features a decorative lining and seems to be wrapped. The classic wool coat is adorned with a fur belt.

Not only skirts feature slits, tunic did also. This is a simple, but unique detail that could also be added to plain items you already own if you can sew a little.


Another bag trend is the vintage 60's- 70's bag. Many designers feature a small top handle, contrasting stitches and a flap over a bag silhouette that tapers towards the top.

Here we see a close up of the platform wedges. I think with tights these are wearable in colder weather and you get to mix it up a bit in seasons where we tend to reach for boots only.

Not a fan of the texture, but I like the layering here. I envision thin coats, layered with wool coats, blazers, layered with jackets. Maybe even fur items over regular coats. This actually provides excellent warmth and the need for a down jacket can be eliminated. I know that as a Medieval Reenactor, where I have to layer many pieces for winter fairs to be warm and authentic :). It works better than one thick down jacket for sure!

3. Valentino

Valentino creates magical, enchanting and almost fairy like fashion and beautiful prints. Always love his gowns! Other designs are feminine and contemporary chic that can be worn by any woman.

The details make this so chic, the red stripe and the red shoes on the left, or one red stripe in a green and taupe striped coat! Imagine the possibilities of dressing these items up.

A sheer gown with a red stripe and shoes. Can't get any more sheer and lacy than that! This could be worn with nude colored undergarments or black. To the right we see one of his many beautiful prints.

The fashion history geek in me has to point out that early Germanic and Celtic cultures wore dresses much like this. Their sewing skills were a bit limited and so they wore one piece of cloth, cinched at the waist, which automatically resulted into this bat winged look. Nowadays, where we "can" sew very complicated items, it is creative, minimalist to do so. I think the effect is great! (And this can be so easily made, even if you can't sew...;))

Valentino goes a step further, and creates even a leather suit with this classic, antique silhouette! I even think that a shorter leather dress in this silhouette would look great! 

Another all leather look on the left with a leather fringe. I'm sure the fringe trend will be worn to death by fashion bloggers ;). To the right you see a Mary Poppins looking outfit...I personally love the style of the early 1900's and won't hesitate to wear a woolen cape like this! 

Valentino applies his prints to coats as well as dresses! Wonderful.

Here we see a modern leather coat! This is a big deal because black leather coats haven't been worn since the Matrix. I believe the overuse of such coats in Goth Fashion and with Matrix fans caused them to be considered somewhat "awkward". I wouldn't want to dress up like Neo, Blade and other black leather coat wearing heroes of the time, but this is very feminine and beautiful and I think black leather coats deserve a second chance and to be shown in fashionable, flattering silhouettes.  

We saw lots of black leather last year...this year we also see lots of brown leather items! I love this embroidered coat to pieces too! Right: Valentino combines 4 colors that I always felt go well together - black, white, khaki/olive and red! This geometric coat is certainly unique.

How beautiful is this white on white combination! The jacket seems to be made of textured, fuzzy wool and I love the contemporary silhouette! Very simple and clean. Right: And how wonderful is this nostalgic cape! Styles like this were actually worn in the Middle Ages to 1800's! Pure Nostalgia! The butterfly print is one of the most beautiful Valentino prints I've seen.

Left: A fitted patchwork, fur and wool coat that doesn't look overwhelming. The print makes it a great statement piece. Right: A slimmer version of the cape with slits for the arms! This makes the nostalgic design VERY suitable for 2014!! And I know I say it often and I won't have enough time for everything, but this looks like a future sewing project! :D

One print, two dresses. It looks great on leather and tulle! As always a very unique, statement print. You don't just find this in stores. Until someone like Valentino comes up with an unusual combination like this.

If  was a celebrity a would get to chose a Valentino dress for an event, the one on the left it would be! I love how the fabric is transparent, yet the print isn't, and also the different "levels" of transparency. Right: This actually reminds of the green fairy (absinthe). Very beautiful.

Right: The lovely "Camobutterfly" print.

Sun, Moon, Stars! 


The bag matches! I also love the pop of red on the side.

Again, a rather sharp, boxy shape with a flap and lock closure. 

Furry bags also seem to be quite popular on runways as of late! 

Clutch bags are still big and nowadays almost all of them come with detachable straps! 

Beautiful print detail. I also love how this bag seems to have 2 straps, one short chain strap and a longer over the shoulder strap. The color is perfect too.

The butterfly print looks beautiful on anything! Brown on brown tones is something I have been seeing lots too and I think it gives a great, unique look. I'd wear the embroidered coat in a heartbeat.

Delicate studs on leather

A new, darker, slightly brownish burgundy is often seen on runways this season! 

I spy panties ;) Keira Knightley has already worn this, but with a dark dress underneath. I think it looks more beautiful like this, though I would not want to show so much skin. Maybe something like a seamless body would work...but really hard to say since this is so, so sheer.

I think these would be easier to wear with a body, especially on the left if it ends right by the seam. Really beautiful, but tricky dresses. 

Trends spotted:

- Country Style
- Military
- Khaki
- Goth
- Nostalgia
- Past Era Elegance
- Bohemian
- Leather
- Sheer
- Ethereal
- Wool
- Layering

Hope you enjoyed this special too! If you are interested, I have a few more collections saved.




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