✛ Fall/ Winter 2014 wearable fashion Michael Kors, Chloé, Fendi

Designer's catwalk Fashion can be a bit intimidating because the presentation makes it seem like it is not wearable for the average person.
So I decided to dedicate a post to the most wearable designer pieces as well as a little guidance when it comes to making these trends work.

Basically, designer fashion is more wearable than one might think. What scares many people off however is the presentation. Designers are "artists", therefore their collections are introduced in an artful manner. What will make some go "Ooohhh!" and "Aaahh!" in amazement, will make others think "how the heck am I supposed to wear that on the street?". ;-)
To top it off models are sometimes styled in an awkward way, they are much taller and thinner than most and it will make it even harder to envision designer fashion on yourself.

But, despite the presentation, designer fashion does hold value for the fashionable woman. Designers have the gift to come up with something truly unique, that is then adapted by clothing chains and made available at lower prices as well. So even if you don't buy designer fashion, most other labels are heavily influenced by it. Especially H&M and Zara are known to almost replicate designs!

It helps to look at each single item to determine whether it is for you or not. A unique coat can be worn every day with more basic things for example. Remember, just because designers present you crazy combinations of clothing, it doesn't mean that you have to wear your winter coat with sandals and a transparent dress ;). 
I will explain more with the looks.

Michael Kors Fall/ Winter 2014:

Michael Kors has presented some of the most wearable fashion as of late. His fall/ winter collection has a strong bohemian, 70's vibe. He stuck to all sorts of grey and neutral tones and snake print fabrics. Lots of fur and chunky knits were also worn. 
These are my favorites from the collection:

Big, lose belts seem to be back. I also love the long wool coat on the left and the gypsy/ peasant skirt. Wearing such items layered in fall and winter gives a very unusual look! To make this wearable, you only need undergarments for the transparent pieces. This could be a nude colored bodysuit, a black bra and panties, or a black top and skirt/ dress for more coverage. The wool cardigan to the right seems to be made of rather thick tweed, wool and looks almost hand knit with it's waffle cone stitch. Note how it is paired with a long knit scarf in the same color! Definitely a trend to try.

With all these outfits, tights or boots can be worn for more warmth of course. I don't know why, but designers almost always show naked legs and tend to pair open shoes or sandals with winter coats *shrug*.

Left: This suede leather coat if definitely a statement piece, but very unique and probably great will all sorts of casual outfits! Right: Fur stoles are worn like scarves. I find it is a more subtle way to wear fur and I'm sure many faux and real fur options will hit stores soon. 

Left: Another sweater that looks like a hand knit "Aran" pullover - (Irish Gaelic: Geansaí Árann.), paired with a fringed suede leather skirt and a bucket bag! Very unique! Right: Men are also dressed up in knits from head to toe. I personally love rustic knits on men. Gives a nostalgic and organic look to the wearer.

Left: A new way of wearing fur is the fur sweater, that can be layered over anything for warmth. It is also a more casual alternative to a whole big fur jacket. Lose pants with a narrow leg have also been worn a lot in fall fashion shows! Right: Oversized cocoon coats are still here! The coat is paired with long culottes. You can chose to wear only the coat or the culottes by itself for a less dramatic look. I think the scarf is also made of fur. Also note how many models wear platform, clog sandals! 

Left: The same fur is worn as a large collar or stole here, which gives a 1940's vibe, but is also true for the 70's where the trend was revived. I think we will be seeing more blazer, men's wear inspired jackets like the one she is wearing. The slim belt gives it a feminine touch. I love the blazer and would dress with up without the large fur collar and maybe a small piece of fur or a regular scarf, the belt and a pretty skirt or jeans! Right: Eye catching dress! I love how part of the sleeves are open and the thick belt at the waist! It should be easy to wear this in a more casual manner if you envision it paired with a jacket (jean jacket possibly or brown leather), cardigan, bag, scarf. 

Left: Fringed bags, whether you love them or hate them are here to stay! I think they can look cute if the fringe doesn't overwhelm the bag! I had a bag like this myself when I was 19 but stupidly cut off the fringe ^^'...I really regret that now. Here we also see the snake print paired with a fluffy cardigan. It seems to be made of some sort of textured wool. Right: Floor length skirt and rustic knit sweater! Perfectly wearable and just amazing! 

Left: Would be lovely for going out. The only problem you face here is the transparecny, I already explained how you can solve this. Aside from that the look is perfectly matched with lighter snake print details and bag! Right: Long, oversized coats are here to stay. Paired with another of the suede leather, fringe skirts here. To normalize this look wear the coat with jeans or a knit dress and the skirt with a white blouse or a thin sweater. 

Left: Definitely try to wear a long knit scarf this fall/ winter ;) ! Pairing a thick knit sweater with a midi skirt results into a slightly nostalgic look and a very comfortable, alternative to jeans! Right: I love how the skirt tapers and the sleeves do remind me of peasant blouses worn in the 70's!

Left: A collarless, embellished, long wool coat is so feminine! I also love the thin, off center belt! The fringe clutch bag is worn with many looks. Also note how it is held. Right: Another fur look! Designers are big on fur atm, but I feel too much can be overwhelming. So I left out some large fur coats. A stole like this can be easily worn with any fall or winter attire and provides a lot of warmth. Pairing it with yet another fur piece results into an almost nomadic look. This isn't a must of course. Wear the pieces separate if you feel it is too much. Long culottes with clogs are a very nice trend in my opinion. I feel we need some more alternatives to skinny pants!

Love this type of tweed blazer! I will be looking for something like this (or make it if I have time) I also want to try wearing my peasant skirt in fall! Right: A tone in tone look for men where a wool blazer is paired with a knit sweater and scarf! A nice, clean look!

Left: This fitted grey dress is just lovely and probably very versatile! Right: A long tweed cape! Which seems to be made of fairly thin wool. Note the culottes made in the same fabric. Overall this has a very nostalgic, almost medieval look too it with the cape and the fur.

Left: A very unique, glittery skirt! A long, grey coat like this seems like a wonderful, basic piece to own. I can see it going with anything and it adds a little bit of drama to every look. At this length, it should also provide extra warmth! Right: I would wear this exactly as is! Love the little slit in the pleated section of the skirt also. I see many styles coming together here! Blouses like this were also worn in the early 1900's, skirts like this as well, the trends were revived also in the 70's and now refined for 2014.

Left: Yet another nostalgic looking dress with a  blouselight insert at the bust to add interest. Right: a woolen, elaborate midi skirt with a peasant blouse. Just loveee!!

Left: The woolen vest is an important trend this season and so versatile, great for layering. Instead of wearing it with a dress you can wear it with jeans of course. Right: Transparent dress. Of course something black can be worn underneath. It would change the nature of the dress though. If you are brave try nude or partially nude undergarments. This could be a nude body suit or a nude colored dress.


Right: An usually sophisticated bag MK designed! With a 70's vibe even! Beautiful! 

2. Chloé Fall/ Winter 2014

Chloe featured light, soft colors and very feminine looks! The designs sometimes have an almost ethereal touch and result in a clean, modern romantic look! 

Left: Drapey coats like this are a lovely new trend! Right: An usual, ruffled dress. It got something  intriguing about it! I think a subtle belt could be worn if you wish to show more waist.

A clean, very pale colored coat and a drapey coat in lavender. Both very feminine. I imagine the drapey coat trend can be worn belted or with less of a drape, meaning a coat like this with a bit less fabric in the front, if you feel it would be too much for you.

Pastels in fall? Chloe makes it happen! The textured coat on the right is simply beautiful.

Chloe shows us a very clean and structured way of wearing culottes! Light tones are paired with even paler colors, because why not? 

Left: wear your bag like a bowling ball! Honestly, I can see this being a good way of giving your shoulder or arms a break during a long day. The turn over color coat is very beautiful and kept in a pale rose color. Right: Oversize sweaters are an important trend as well and also look great with skirts, culottes and flared pants. Not just skinny jeans and leggings! (though I would add tights here!)

Chloe's collection isn't as obviously 70's, bohemian influenced, but elements of that time can still be found! Woolen, structured and rather heavy dresses and shirts are also an important trend! 

Left: My mother had a coat, almost identical to this one in the early 80's! It was ever so slightly padded. I would love for this trend to be available in stores. Right: Oversize, structured and lose dress. Looks beautiful just by itself! 

Left: Culottes and matching sweater. Fur coats are also making a come back, but I find they most often look like "too much", because they tend to be bulky. With certains types of fur or faux fur, less heavy coats should be possible though. Right: A sleveless, hooded, wool sweater to go over a blouse! Great basic piece that adds interest to any look. Leather pants are also making a comeback. I think these can easily go wrong, if paired with the wrong items. The way it is styled here they look elegant, but they won't work with anything.

A beautiful print dress and a feathery sweater! So Chloe! Last but not least, Chloe keeps pairing outfits with these taupe, pointed toe, leather boots! Almost a bit "Zelda" like, not too far from Medieval Boots. I assume we will be seeing designs like that in stores sooner or later too.


The slouchy, soft leather, powdery colored bag! 

LOVE this teextured woven fabric! 

A fringe, leather bracelet? Easy DIY project? 

Every piece of fabric screams feminine. Love it! Even the fur is kept in the same color scheme.


Feathery dresses and tops! The throw on the right almost looks like felted wool! 

Fendi Fall/ Winter 2014

The F in Fendi might stand for fur this season. They incorporated many fur designs that some will love and others will hate I believe. Fendi introduced a rather unusual color palette for this fall by pairing dark blues and grays with brown tones! The silhouettes are definitely not boring and a mix of modern fabrics and classic wool was shown in these designs! 

Left: This coat has a lovely, ever so slight cocoon shape! I find the fur hood/ cap (?) overwhelming however. The little fur doll she is holding is "Karlito" and was designed to look like Karl Lagerfeld. I don't feel I need to own this, but you decide! Some love "Karlito". Right: Leather & fur bracelet, velvet vest, and a futuristic, slightly oriental looking skirt with zipper and mesh pockets. I believe Fendi's intend is a modern, nomad look. Which is very pretty and unique. Wear these pieces separate and paired with basics for a less dramatic look. The skirt with a simple sweater, or the vest with jeans etc.

Very intricate mesh dress with the same zipper+ pockets detail. The vest to the right is lose and made of felted wool in this case. 

Another unique dress made in black shiny fabric and with lots of seams to add interest. I can see this worn in some many ways. A great evening dress that can be dressed up or down!

Here an example of Fendi's furry experiments. I personally feel it is a bit too randomly placed but I think it should be featured none the less. The dress and coat both have a beautiful, intricate design!

Two interesting wool and fur combinations, with a vintage vibe, but also the nomad flair. Note the wool, almost kaftan or robe like dresses/ coats. On the top left we see a classic, small fur shrug, which isn't overwhelming and would look good in real as well as faux fur. To the right you see a whole coat, with shaved fur and cropped sleeves, which looks less overwhelming than the very furry, oversized coats and definitely very vintage! 

Structured an clean lines and a ix of the shiny satin (?) as well as wool.

A cropped fur jacket as well as a fur, patchwork bag. I really like the shape of the jacket and the rounded, mandarin collar. Right: A fur coat that looks very close to what our grandmothers wore, paired with what looks like thigh high boots and a transparent skirt! Definitely dramatic.

Left: A very interesting, but daring dress. I wonder how this would work with something underneath? I would ignore the fur hood, unless you really love giant fur hoods and not sure if the jacket is wool or a very thin, shaved down fur? Right: Another cropped fur jacket and a flared wool skirt. I assume we will be seeing cropped fur jackets in stores. Mostly faux fur probably.

Left: See what I mean? Fur+ Fur+ Fur....It is very odd to see how it is back after such a long time of being shunned...Right: The skirt and shirt are very wearable by themselves even with the white sneakers like shown here. Not sure about the stole (?) here though.

Siberia? Eskimo Fashion...yup...I'm sure hardly anyone will hit the streets dressed like this but what is interesting is the layering. Example: Take away the giant fur and replace it with something smaller, layer a jacket, vest and a skirt for an avantgarde look! Or a sweater over your coat (right). The skirt could also be replaced by pants. Definitely a way of layering I want to try! (being into early Medieval looks and all ;))

The coat on the left could be shaved down fur or a wool coat with camel hair. I think it could work as a winter coat paired with more casual items. The harem pants in boots are a great idea IMO, but maybe not quite paired like that. Definitely another indicator for a nomadic inspiration behind these looks. Boot and flared pants like this were worn by the Vikings, Slavic cultures and of course the orient. Right: Patch work coat. I like the quilted vest underneath. I think it could be worn many ways.

This coat has a most beautiful shape, length and waist line! The little capelet looks cute too, but maybe better with thinner fur/ fabric and a bit more of a drape ;). 

Seeing all this combined makes my eyes hurt, but the single pieces aren't bad. I also think this way of layering can be adapted if you use less dramatic items. Left for example, a dress or a matching wool skirt could be worn, with less flare possibly. Right: A long skirt made of different fabric and in a neutral color would tame this look. Boots instead of sneakers if you want it to harmonize even more. Though sneakers could be that one, unusual detail if you like to give looks an edge.

A beautiful shrug and a beautiful dress! Also great with matching pumps! 

Velvet and transparent galaxy/ starry sky prints! Beautiful! 


Leather and fur cuff, lots of seams on the coat.

Little fur shrug. Would also work great if made with faux, teddy fur I suppose.

The spy bag in a beautiful red and dark interior! The boots are also interesting.

Cute little bags, handheld. Not sure which bag this is though.

I'm pretty sure this is mink fur.

Another one of these little bags. I think the short handles are a pretty detail and make it easier carrying the bag handheld or over the wrist. Seems to come with a strap too though.

3 jours bag? Hard to see from this angle. The coat seems to be a mix of fur, netting and wool.

Netted vest!! <3

Knits, with mesh, with printed fabric.

Very nice collare and pockets/ shoulder detail on this coat!

A mixed fur bag! 

I hope you liked my choices! Like I said, to figure out the wear-ability of such trends, look at every single piece by itself and think about how YOU would wear it.

With collections being this "fur heavy" at the moment. I think some way want to learn more about the fur industry. That way you can decide if you would want to wear it or not.
There are cons, but there are, believe it or not, pros...which haven't been discussed with fur being shunned for many years. If you eat meat and wear leather, fur is not much different.

If you are vegan or vegetarian however, there is also the faux fur option of course. The quality of faux fur has improved within the past years. There are also "greener" faux fur options made of hemp, bamboo or wool. These are rare now, but I'm sure it's popularity will increase.

There are two sides, none is completely free of cons. If you truly want to stay away from anything harmful to animals and the environment however. Hemp or bamboo, dyed with vegetable dyes are some of the few options as polyester fibers from all popular clothing chains are heavily contaminated and pollute the environment and are harmful not only to wild animals, but to everyone on this planet. You see, there isn't necessarily a crystal clean solution since most affordable fashion brands work against your ethics.

However, more and more fashion brands are starting to produce "green", which you can chose to encourage! H&M for example has started to remove toxic dyes. Some labels like C&A feature mostly organic clothing for children nowadays. I hope this helped you understand the situation better, and lets hope that the fashion industry will produce more ethical and ecological overall in the future.

 Real fur "organic and ethical"? Links:

Organic vegan fur:
Hemp Fur

Faux and Real Fur on Asos:

My personal experiences: 
I grew up seeing fur and leather as a natural by-product. Later when I started getting into medieval reenactment I saw lots of fur and leather worn, despite it being avoided in fashion at the time. That is where I learned more about where fur comes from. I eat meat and have no problem with fur being reused. I slept on a sheep fur at Medieval fairs and wore other fur items for warmth and authenticity, also vintage fur inherited from my great grandmother. I even had a fur hand puppet, which was the fur of a muskrat, complete with head, but hollow inside, to amuse the children. This may seem raw and barbaric to some, but it is normal to others. Especially if we talk about non-western societies or a traditional view.
I am wary of excessive fur farming however. I don't see a problem with vintage mink, but focusing on other options than mink would be better in my eyes. Like making more products out of food chain or wild, trapped animal fur and also extending organic, chemical free faux fur options and just generally producing greener fashion.
I also believe it is all a personal decision as I hardly think people will ever agree on this. I don't judge anyone for wearing fur, or faux fur, real or faux leather, eating meat or not eating meat.




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