✛ Indian Summer

Indian Summer ~a period of unusually dry, warm weather occurring in autumn.

A very vivid and colorful look shot on a warm day in October. The weather has been incredible here. It is like summer came back to make up for a rainy and cold August.

The shoot was a lot of fun and I was able to go all out with no people around. Our shooting location was a garden right by the river Nidda.

Aodhan wanted to be part of the shoot. I guess it is my fault that he really loves to be photographed ;)

The handbag:


If you have read previous posts, you may wonder what happened to the color of my pink Mini Morning After Clutch....Well, this is a different one. I had to return the neon pink bag because the color was having issues (all neons). The Rebecca Minkoff Headquarters in New York were personally assisting me with this, fast shipping was covered by them and the new "Fuchsia" colored bag has wonderful, supple leather and no quality issues! :)

What I like about this bag is all the details...from the lobster clasp, to the envelope style flap and the long tassels. Rebecca Minkoff really put a lot of thought into the design.


A reverse half moon manicure to match the bag. I did this free hand. 

 How to: I painted my nails white. Then I painted the pink by placing on stroke in the center, then coloring the sides with a straight transition line at the half of my nail. I then rounded the transition line carefully by putting color onto the center first again. I hope that is somewhat understandable. It was fairly easy.  


A long green Malachite necklace.

I have a few long gemstone necklaces because they are so versatile and can be used in many ways and also layered.


Gladiator sandals with a chunky heel.

These are so comfortable!

My toes also matched! (I have a better picture of the color on Instagram)


I really love these! Was hoping to get another pair but haven't been able to find this model. In case you wonder, I do have lots of small, very light freckles. They fade even more in Winter. Sometimes I wish they were a bit more pronounced.

Earrings, Make Up, Jewelry: 

I think this is probably the clearest shot we got of details. My camera has too many (!!) Mega Pixels which tends to create "noise" (visible pixels). I did the lip shape so much better this time! 

My Make Up consisted of:
- Green eyeliner on upper lid
- Magenta Pink lip tint
And that is it! You know I'm a fan of  Make Up minimalism.

Earrings: Marc by March Jacobs disc logo earrings (click for larger image detail)

I like these smiles we captured! It is hard to capture a genuine smile, but this shoot was a lot of fun:

My piercing Jewelry is rather delicate. I am wearing tiny, crystal studs in each nostril, a 14g circular barbell with 3mm beads in my Septum (I like the beads smaller and the ring not too hang too low). In my lip I am wearing a 2.5 mm flat crystal labret that measures 16g and is 6mm long with a small, metal disc on the other side (find these more comfortable than bioplast because they are thinner)

The top of the bag has a leather strap as you can see! 

Fashion Items:
Dress: GAP
Thin wool cardigan: H&M
Shoes: Graceland
Earrings: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff
Nailpolish: Essence 
Lip Tint: Manhattan Color Splash Lip Tint
(Piercing Jewelry): Crazy Factory
Necklace: From a Medieval Fair 

Some additional pictures:

The location

 These flowers were of a ultra violett color, to bright for my camera to capture it so it looks like this: 

Aodhan always wants what I have, so I can't ever do my nails without him wanting painted nails too :P


Refi said...

I have a very similar dress! I just have a slightly different flower pattern. The outfit looks great and it really fits you!
Oh, and I think I want to live in Germany. So many beautiful places...

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hi Refi!
Thank you so much :) Germany does have many beautiful places and I want to show that in future looks too. I think it adds a certain feel to each look.

Alina B. said...

So many lovely photos! <3! I love how you always include Aodhán!:*

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Hi Alina! He almost insists on being included haha ;)



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