✛ Dark Night - Goth Event

I don't get to go to Goth events often so I really had to make this worth while ;)

The scene has certainly changed lots the past 15 years and classic Goths are becoming fewer (sadly). Modern Goths were tank tops and baggy pants and dance to a Techno like tune with lots of fast hand movement ^^.
I do like Electro and Industrial Goth music too, but jumping around like that is not my thing. Though I really like to dance and it is great to see that people are really there for the music, and not just party, drinking etc.
The crowd was really mixed, from the old school 80's Goths in their 40's and 50's over people in their 30's that enjoyed the 90's-2000's Goth scene (meeee) and well the younger crowd seems to be a mix of mainstream, rock, military style and Idk ;) There are also people in band shirts all over the place, metalheads etc.
There were others like me, but far less than 10 years ago for sure.

(You might notice the playlist features some dark electro music for a change to give you an idea :))


I would describe my style as a slightly modernized nostalgic Goth look. With influences from the 17-1900's...mainly Victorian. Shawls of all sorts were worn around the shoulders in past times, but especially in the Victorian Era. 

I like studs and spikes, they are a thing of the past now, but I like to add something edgy to the very romantic style sometimes. At least when going all out. 


The shawl is just a black lace scarf. I secured it with a belt and let the ends hang loosely. I don't wear my corset very tightly because I am a bit sensitive to the pressure, but it has a great shape naturally.

The skirt has a slight Gothic Lolita look to it. It is generally too cutesy for me, but elements of it I like because they are inspired by past times. The tights are self made. You simply cut holes into two pairs of tights and tear the holes open a bit, then you layer both pairs and they will get better over time. The more transparent tights will look like spiderwebs with time. These were medium density.

Corset backview. I got this belt a long time ago and it's always been a favorite of mine.


Hand's of death handmade silver bracelet and longer spikes, also handmade. 

Some of my favorite rings for all things black and a medium spike handmade bracelet. My Nails are a very dark purple color with some shimmer.

Short spikes on this neck collar, also really old, the Thor's hammer was purchased at one of my first Medieval fairs. I like the wolf's head design and how it is more delicate. 

Make Up:

Inspired by 80's Goth styles but a more natural version.
I don't like to paint my eyebrows heavily so I just lengthened them slightly in the back. The eye make up actually looked a bit darker, but the flash takes away from it a bit. I drew a line on the upper and lower lid with gel eyeliner and did a pointy eye towards the center. I have black eye shadow on my lids but they really eat make up so it is hard to see ^^. I think this make up works well for heavy eyelids though and if you don't have a lot of visible eyelid.

I actually lined the eyes with black eye shadow before using the gel eyeliner for a softer, faded look. For the lips I focused on getting the color all the way to the outer lip corners, It can really change the look of dark lipstick.


There is a lot of prejudice about Goths out there and most of it really isn't true. They are neither evil, nor satanic or whatever else people say. Just people that enjoy the music and dark fashion. 
I would probably put a lot of them into the nerd category :) 

A little film of the club, bad sound quality sorry, 
please follow the link:

Hocico - Bite Me

One of my first and favorite bands actually

Fashion Items:

Top: Thrift Store
Scarf: It was a gift
Corset, Skirt: Gothickkleidung.de
Tights: DIY see above
Victorian boots: Art shoes France
Belt, Collar: From a metal merchandise store
Thor's Hammer: Medieval Fair purchase
Spiked Bracelets: Medieval Fair purchase
Black Tourmaline Ring: Glowfly on Etsy
Hands of Death Bracelet: TheethJewelry on Etsy




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