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Sister of the bride

Yup, that's me this time. I can not believe my little sister is getting married. We are 5 1/2 years apart, so growing up I was watching over her a lot. I picked her up from Kindergarten or School and watched her until my parents came home in the evening. And now she is so grown and about to be a beautiful bride.

A few days ago my mother, sister and her friend went on a dress hunt. 

I was really worried about it to be honest because that I don't like typical formal dresses at all...I find that they are overloaded with glitter, satin, tulle, ruffles, sexy-ness and detail not needed. It is like the designers tried to incorporate as many features as possible...and in the end it lacks a good and eye catching design.

I was looking for a dress with a simplistic but great design, that does not distract from the wearer or the dress itself. Where the style catches attention and not the glitter, ruffles or sex appeal. A dress that compliments instead of overwhelms.

I tried to find images of the worst dresses, but it was hard to find a good example of the worst I saw...just imagine these with more glitter, sex, satin, ruffles, pleats and "va va va voom" or just very basic, typical, non fashionable designs..^^

First we went to a trendy outlet outside of Frankfurt. The interior was fairly nice,

Most of the dresses weren't what I was looking for. They were either very typical or made me run for the hills because they were so pompous. I tried on two melon pink dresses without any glitter, just a bit of chiffon. They were too large...and well they did not really blow me away. Cute summer dresses but nothing more. 

I should not I am alone with this opinion and my sister shopped for glittery tube cocktail dresses (for a friends wedding) while my mother was trying to get me into more fitted and short dresses.

And then of course there were constant comments about my "pale" skin color. Apparently NO color at all EVER goes with pale skin haha. I never worry about colors to be honest. I like myself in all and actually find the light skin goes well with most. It is either a contrast or harmonizes in the case of nude and rose colors.

Anyhow, next store - Karstadt

It is just a big department store like Macy's or Nordstrom. The only thing I liked was this and it isn't suitable for a wedding...also because it is black.

We continued on to "Peek and Cloppenburg", which is like a fancier version of Karstadt. This dress wasn't too bad but the skirt wasn't my favorite and the embroidery was VERY thick. I had to try on a few dresses my mom liked, but I don't like tight pencil skirts or tube dresses in fancy material. It can look like you're trying to hard.

So while I was waiting I was having fun with this fascinator ;)

I personally wanted to check out Mango, Zara and H&M, because the designs are more fashion oriented. These stores copy from popular designers, shamelessly. 
But first I had to get past this person haha...


And then as soon as we walked into Mango I saw a long, yellow dress, tried it on, ignored my moms comments about my skin color and now that is my dress :) 

The pictures don't do it justice. The color is a light mustard yellow...so a tad greenish, but warm. It consists of several layers of chiffon. I love that the chiffon is textured, meaning it has subtle stripes. The skirt has two small slits in the front so all the layers flow nicely when walking. This dress certainly isn't tight or short, but I love it. It is beautiful in other ways.

My sister approved of it also. She wanted to make sure no dress competes with hers of course so very light colors and long dresses were avoided.

Here is a close up of the fabric:

And possible plans of how to wear this dress:

I was thinking of knitting a lace shawl in creme and wearing creme colored sandals as well. And since I am total fan of a melon pink, I thought of wearing a pink (leather and well made) bag as a pop of color....and maybe a matching bracelet...not too much bling, I need the bag to fit my Lumix FZ 62 and I am not the clutch type anyway, so I thought this one handheld or over the crook of my arm would do the trick. I also don't want a bag I'll never wear again. I will have to see it with the dress though. Well I have time to think about it.


Everyone else also had a look at Zara. I though this skirt and top were cute.
And that jacket I would love to get for Aodhán, but it was not available in his size.

The print is too cute. It is Nylon. 

My Outfit of the day:

Just very laid back. I like this coat so I was glad it was cold that day.

Coat: H&M
Bag: Fossil
Scarf: C&A


I won this gold filled necklace when I was still posting outfits to Lucky's style spotter in 2009. It was similar to Lookbook.The rings are my mothers. Both gemstones are garnet. The watch is by Fossil and an older Model from 2006.


Leather leggings by Mister and Lady jeans.

Make Up:

I actually got pictures of it this time with my good camera :) It is still hard to capture the detail though.

I am wearing a thin line of black gel eyeliner on my upper lid. As you can see I winged the liner just a tiny bit here. On my lips I am wearing lip tint by Maybelline. The 8hr lip color.

My eyelashes are naked as you can see. I find Mascara distracts from my eyes. It always looks like too much and I hate the sticky feeling. I drew pale rose line on my inner lower eyelid. Underneath my eye I am wearing a light brownish eye shadow color (wild flowers by Everyday Minerals)

I also put a bit on my upper lid, but just the crease pretty much...but a bit above the fold too so it is visible. if you have a heavy eye fold like me eye shadow doesn't show on the regular lid ;)

Now on the actual wedding dress part! :D

Trying on Wedding Dresses

Day 1

This image really captures the search for that perfect dress. Where every detail has to be right.

The Minions:

Julia and Denise :)

First of all, this store was lovely. Fancy, but not over the top. We were seated right in the dressing room and served coffee and cookies. 
I loved how dress and bridal attire were hung everywhere, almost like decoration. We were allowed to take pictures of all dresses, which is not common. 

My sister became open to many different styles when trying on dresses. She preferred a subtle mermaid silhouette.

Lace and beads. She also liked the buttons in the back on this dress.

Her favorite that day was this fairy like dress:

Loved the top!

A happy bride to be and my mother and the store clerk adding a ribbon to her dress.

The back was just as lovely.

My sister did not want a veil at first but changed her mind later on.

Day 2

Final Dress

But it so happened that she found a dress she liked even better.

The minions again:

The dress 

Antique lace with beading and a taupe colored belt. You can see my mother in the rose colored cardigan here.
She will have the neckline altered to look more like the first dress and show some cleavage.

The bottom and the back view are very lovely.

And of course the train! :D

And it has buttons as well. I love the floral design.

Again the service was wonderful.

Sneaky OOTD shot

I have never seen so many dresses at once! 


A week prior to this I went to the store with my mom and she had me try on dresses for my sister which we then put on hold for her to come back.
This was my favorite:

The rhinestones at the transparent neckline sparkled beautifully. It did not have too much lace and I loved the florals. The belt was a nice focal point.

What was also special is that the skirt had these transparent pailettes that sparkled like snow flakes pr frost in the light! 


Anonymous said...

Wow! Das gelbe Kleid sieht umwerfend an dir aus! Aber der Rücken vom P&K-Kleid ist genauso traumhaft! :D
Und ihr seid alle so hübsch in deiner Familie!! :)

Lg, Tranquilla/beerenblau

Anonymous said...

Wow! Das gelbe Kleid sieht umwerfend an dir aus! Aber der Rücken vom P&K-Kleid ist genauso traumhaft! :D
Und ihr seid alle so hübsch in deiner Familie!! :)

Lg, Tranquilla/beerenblau

Alina B. said...

I love your posts Emi, this one is so detailed and FUN! :)
And nothing wrong with pale skin, I think it looks great with all colors and it's more natural too!
Your sister looks gorgeous and that dress is so lacy and romantic, I totally would have chosen something of that kind! Also the one you tried on, love that belt! I usually don't go for the glittery stuff but that one was gorgeous!
I also imagined your mom attempting to persuade you to try on some tube dresses and you sprinting away hehe XD

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Danke Dir Tranquilla! ^^
Der Ruecken bei dem Kleid war wirklich toll aber der Rock nicht so meins..nicht richtig schmal und nicht weit. Gebe das Kompliment an meine Schwester weiter!

Haha I am glad you liked it. It was a very special post. I think the same about pale skin, goes with all colors, whereas orange...haha well that is hard to match.
I don't usually go for a lot of glitter either, but this was just the right amount and did not look cheap.

stevenjared0853 said...

Everything looks so stylish! Your choice for the wedding dress is absolutely mind blowing. I am sure she’ll like this dress for her big day. I am going to have a royal wedding at one of the domestic royal venues in San Francisco. Do you know a place from where I can buy a royal wedding dress?



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