✛ Spring's latest Designer Handbags under 500

Believe it or not, last year's handbag post is the most popular post on my blog :) (So you like bags better than my looks eh? ^^)

But, since I love handbags (obviously, hence my collection) I decided to do another special this year. Spring/ Summer Time is always great because so many new styles and fun colors become available.

I personally don't buy high end designer bags and I know many other ladies are looking for quality, real leather bags under 500....or even under 200. While Contemporary Designers may not produce in Italy, or France or hand finish your bags, I find many of them still hold up well and you do have that safety of a warranty. Should there be any problems, many labels will personally repair and exchange your bag. I never had a problem with the leather either...on the contrary, even less "perfect" or fine leather ages beautifully...and I do love when you can see it is real leather.

I personally own Fossil, Rebecca Minkoff, store brands and one MCM bag. My first Fossil Bag that I bought 2007 still looks like new almost. Fossil bags definitely hold up well and my RM bag also shows no sign of wear yet. MCM's quality is a bit above the two brands. Especially the interior shows the craftsmanship and quality.

Europe and International Sites included!

I selected bags from quite a few sites, Some European, some International (so US included). Should your dream bag be from a EU site, you can still find it on other sites by searching the name (Google search or Google shopping search)

I tried to include a lot of different styles and colors for everyone! Enjoy!

Fashionette has the great option to make monthly payments on your bag starting at around 9 EUR! It is great if you can't afford to pay 300 EUR all at once, but paying 20 EUR a month is very much possible. Keep in mind that fees are added though, and you will be paying off your bag for a whole year! I have used the payment plan and found it very convenient.

(Bags starting with lowest price)

International - www.shopbop.com

Fast international shipping and many satisfied customers world wide. ShopBop carries many young designers.

International and US - www.nordstrom.com


International and US - www.macys.com

International and US - www.rebeccaminkoff.com

I decided to include a few more RM items because I think the quality and design you get for the price are great in my opinion. There have been problems with bags, but the customer service is outstanding. if you purchase from an official retailer, the Rebecca Minkoff headquarters can even help you out should your bag have any problems. They exchanged my Mini Mac two times to make sure I receive a flawless bag (within a few days from NYC to Germany) and the customer service kept me updated and provided tracking and paid for the exchange. Do ask them to help if retailers can't/ won't. I only ever had problem with their neon colored leather, all other bags were immaculate. The hardware is logo printed and each bag collection comes with a different, cute lining. RM features simpler and more extravagant bag designs. Really a wide variety of styles.


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