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- Luoss'dyn

My casual spring look for a cold Easter day. I had 15 mins to put it together haha. My mother called and said can you be ready in a half hour. So I grabbed this long knit dress and dressed it up with black. Never fails. 

I like how this dress is see through and has high slits on the side! Though it does require clothing underneath ;). You might remember this shawl from another post. I like the traditional German appeal. It seems to have a floral pattern, but when you look closely, you see it is skulls and stars hidden within flowers.

This shows my hair a bit better. This is really quick and easy to do. A sock, scrunchie or small bun donut is placed over the ponytail and then you flip the hair over it to create a bun. I left my ends hanging loosely. I like this because unlike a normal bun it does not take as much length away. I worea long lace knit Parandi around my head that I recently made. 

Leather leggings and casual boots for underneath. 

Close up of the hair stick. Malachite and Freshwater Pearls with silver, Celtic ornaments.

Love how everything starts blossoming!

First Spring flowers:

My Camera (Lumix FZ 62) has an amazing zoom that can create blur on close up images. 

Fashion Items:

Leather Jacket: MANGO
Knit Dress: H&M
Scarf: H&M 
Boots: Rieker
Parandi: Self made
Hair Stick: Castle Mountain Designs (2006)


Alina B. said...

It's so feminine yet still very badass! I love how you manage to do it all the time! <3

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you so much Alina ^^



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