✛ A wounded deer leaps the highest

"A wounded deer leaps the highest."
~ Emily Dickinson

I guess this could be filed under creative fashion photos :) 

The outfit was inspired by Mori, Nostalgic and Goth Fashion. I like the layering and the woodsy appeal of Mori fashion if not overdone. If ind that with the white eyelet dress layered it almost looks like an apron worn in the 19th Century. 

 I really like the castle as a backdrop

The depth in the picture on the left looks great I think. As you can see I sat in great heights.

The look as a whole

How I layered:

Black tights + black wide skirt + white dress over skirt + lace blouse folded up to the waist + belt + cardigan + leather jacket.

I included all action shots since they are so fun :)

My hat :) I think it has just the right shape and size. So many hats in stores atm seem too big.

Make Up 

I did a very thin elongated line on my upper lid and white liner underneath my eye. Red lip stick for my upper lip only. The inner eye corners are lined with black pencil also.


I've always wanted to do that:


Fashion Items:

Hat: Frankfurt Xmas Fair
Blouse: I got it at the PX but forgot what brand it was. It was from the Children's Department.
White Eyelet Lace dress: KIK (yes really!)
Wide black skirt with tulle underlayer: H&M
Boots: Rieker
Bag: Fossil
Cardigan: H&M
Lotus Petal Necklace: String of Blue (Etsy)
Red Ruby Pendant: Medieval Fair at Ronneburg
Skeleton Hands Bangle: Theeth Jewelry (Etsy)
Nail Screw Bangle: Ebay, search the exact term
Black Tourmaline Ring: Glowfly (Etsy)
All other Rings: Local fairs and stores

Piercings and Tattoos: My Tattoos were done by Zon at Dave's Tattoo and my facial Piercings by Pure Body Arts New York (Septum) and Kartell in Frankfurt (Lips, Nose).


Alina B. said...

Really love those action shots, especially the last two were you look like you're dancing! This whole shoot seems like you decided to go a different route with posing and I love it! The hat looks great on you and the whole layering thing is perfect. I also really like the skeleton's hand bracelet!

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you Alina! :) I felt like th location called for something different and I haven't done action shots like this in a while.
The bracelet is so cool, I'm glad I found this one shop on Etsy that makes something like it from real silver!



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