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A Medieval Dress worn with modern elements while hiking in the Taunus Mountains

I made this dress according to archeological evidence from the viking age. If you pay attention to the skirt you will see that triangualr gussets were added for width/ flare. The belt is not authentic, more of a fantasy interpretation of a girdle, but this look isn't meant to be authentic. Just modern with Medieval fashion.

There was this amazing tree that I could not resist! 

Amazing views. Town seen from the top of the mountain.


Typical hairdo I wear at Medieval Fairs. Small braid adorned with fibula.

Squint ^^

In some parts it was so windy and cold I had to cover my head. Root tangles aren't fun :/

I tried to use authentic Make Up only. So black kohl eyeliner pencil on my upper lid and inner lower lid. This was a very common make up in Viking culture.

Fun with a tree

Taking a break in the enchanted forest

Funny shots: 

Tourist on top of the rocks

This lady seems slightly confused about my appearance....:P

Cell Phone Pictures:

I think they are worth including because my new cell phone takes interesting pictures:

Iron spiral ring that I had custom made in this design and an amber ring.

Lapislazuli, Carnelian and Turqoise gemstones

And I managed to take a few cool dead tree selfies....selfies are better in a cool place aren't they? :D

Fashion Items:

Undyed, raw linen dress: Handmade by me
Organic Cotton Cardigan: H&M Premium Collection
Jewelry: All from Medieval Fairs
Bag: Fossil Emory Satchel in Navy
Girdle: Handmade and purchased at Ronneburg Fair
Scarf: H&M


Alina B. From My Perspective said...

I really love that photo where your face is blurry behind the branches and on the dead tree selfie that your hair is caught on the branch behind you! <3 And all the views are amazing!!!



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