Westhafen, Osthafen, Bornheim, Turkish Moccha and Free Books

A little city tour with lots of culture
Recently I explored the Westhafen and Osthafen (Hafen = Port) region along the river "Main". It may not be the coziest part of Frankfurt, but it has lots of character. A bit of an industrial appeal paired with modern glass buildings and hotel like apartment complexes for the rich.

View over Westhafen. On the left and right you see apartments. Part of the river flows underneath a close by hotel restaurant. In the back you see Westhafen Tower.

Jewish Museum

As modern as it gets.

Hotel Bar with a little "beach"


lies on the opposite side and is less busy, with an industrial appeal and a few bars and restaurants right by the river.

Osthafen Tower and an old iron bridge that still operates. We saw a cargo train passing through :)

This would definitely have been a good backdrop for a fashion shoot too! I may come back when the construction is finished.

Modern Skyline behind the old iron bridge

One of the Mini Ships that are not only for Tourists. It is in Frankfurt's culture to take boat tours along the Main River.

Osthafen Tower and old crane :)

Main River has many strips of grass with greenery and people sunbathing. In Bikinis even! :)

Love the dark silhouette


After Osthafen we decided we needed to rest and eat. There are many places that offer what I call "modern health food" snacks. 

Brushetta and Nana Mint Tea. Nana Tea has been very popular here lately and every cafe now offers Brushetta. A trend of the organic age ;)

My bags never sit on the floor lol. A girl on Instagram actually asked to buy this bag. I had to decline because it has sentimental value, but I was able to google one more bag from this ancient Fossil collection. On the right you see goat cheese :)

Summertime sadness? Must have been the 5th or 6th floor. With wine and cigarettes...

Now the actual Bornheim. A trendy part of Frankfurt with lots of Hipsters, Alternative Folk, Vegans and wealthy foreigners working in Germany (lots of American business families) It has a small town appeal but definitely feels like the city too. The streets are incredibly alive. Every beer garden and restaurant is packed with people having a good time! 

Open book shelf

I was delighted to see that Bornheim offers open book shelves. You can drop off books you don't want anymore or take books that interest you for free! :) Wonderful concept.

Here you see me raiding the book shelf:

I was able to find 4 antique books from the 1910's, 1920's and a 1937 print of gone with the wind! :D All written in old Gothic font. I got lots of reading to do now.

I like the motor bike in this for some reason ;)

Turkish Moccha and Baklava 

I had honestly never tried Turkish Coffee! Here I got to watch the process of warming it in hot Sand! Very interesting.

Now I want a table and cups like that of course ;)

Flipping through my books and enjoying Baklava. Can it get any better? I want these seats too btw.

Hope you enjoyed this little Frankfurt Tour! 

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Fashion Items:

Overdress: H&M (2009)
Jacket: H&M (2006)
Underdress: Altered KIK dress (2013)
Sandals: Sommerkind (2014)
Bag: Fossil 54 Jackie Satchel (2007)




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