✛ Bachelorette Party

My sister had a surprise bachelorette party in Wuerzburg. Which means 15 crazy girls and a lot of fun.
She did not know at all where we headed or what is planned.
All photos taken with my phone! 
Luxury Travel with Fernbus ;)
First view of Wuerzburg
Super Cute Self Serve Kitchen at the Hostel

Dance Class. I was the worst by far :D

After we went to dinner.
Love this wonderful early evening light.

I forgot to take enough clothing (!), so my cousin borrowed me this dress.
She is much taller than me, it is normally a short dress ;)

Another selfie with epic background shot. Notice the light reflecting in the windows and the windows reflecting in my sunglasses!

 Dinner group photo! 
 Love Wuerzburg's architecture!

 My sister and Emchen

 Reading corner at the Hostel!

 The Residenz
 Our room was very cute!
After dinner, we went to a strip club.
I am totally not into that, but my sister really wanted to go. So for her I tagged along.

I have to admit the place was clean and the women friendly, not sleezy.
 Stripper in mid air haha

Outfit I wore that night. 

After we went to a regular club lounge. 


 My Cousin
I went back a bit earlier than the others with my cousin and another girl. Everyone was just soooo drunk and the club wasn't really my favorite, changing the ong every 3 seconds. Try to dance to that... 

After dinner at MC Donald's we went to bed around 3 AM. It took me a while to fall asleep and I woke early because the area is really busy. So at 7 in the morning I was the only one alive for breakfast.

Really love the look of the Hostel!
Last day in shorts.

It was a short but fun trip. Hope you liked the pictures!


Black and White Dress: H&M
Jean Top and Striped Skirt: H&M
Sneakers: Fila
Bag: Michael Kors Haley Satchel


benilhalk said...

Aww! You all 15 crazy girls are looking so beautiful and this surprise bachelor party idea is really good for our loved ones. I am sure your sister loved this surprise party. After reading your post I am also thinking to plan a bachelor party for my sweet sister, yeah she’s getting married within few months. So, can you please tell me which area is good for private parties Los Angeles?

johan32 said...

Wow, amazing surprise bachelorette party!! It looks like complete fun event. I would love to host a surprise bachelorette party like this for my best friend. She is getting married next month and I am looking for nice venue for best boozy brunch nyc.



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