✛ A day in Heidelberg

One of the most beautiful cities in Germany in my opinion!

Maybe you remember Valerie from Vintage Treasure Bali visiting in spring. This time her sister and a friend stopped in Frankfurt during a Europe sightseeing tour :)

I edited the images on my phone and many are cell phone photos so I hope the quality is okay. My netbook is just too slow.

My Outfit:
I was recovering from the flu (without meds) and still felt a bit weak and my nose was running like crazy. So I decided to dress VERY comfortable. This T-Shirt Dress really was the best way to be comfortable and fashionable ;) Because the skirt is very short I decided to wear a black Spaghetti Strap underneath so I did not have to worry about the short underskirt. I like how it changes the look of this dress :)
I was unable to edit these two shots since the quality greatly suffered from any editing program. I know they could use better light.

This was taken with my actual camera so zooming in created this lovely blur.
Lots of shy smiles because the others were joking ;)

Cafe with a View and window seat! <3

View from on top of the mountain!!

At the Castle

Oldest Hotel Restaurant! So beautiful.

How we got up on the mountain!  


Castle entrance 

View over Heidelberg from the Castle

Jewelry with a view 

 Even the shabby houses look cute!

Food places over food places!

:D Papi Chulo?

Most amazing spot, so many little houses and such a far view!

Loved all the little alley ways! Note where it says "Rooms"

A fun angle, from below! 

 All is blurred but I like it!!

Imagine waking up to such a view? Some are lucky enough to live there.

And many thanks for @cutnuremilia for sending me these shots!! <3 :




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