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Took at trip to a remote town in the Taunus mountains. The castle ruin was certainly impressive.
The architecture is different, it does have a bit of the mountain charme even though it is not so far off from Frankfurt.

But first food for travel:

House envy!!!

The amount of tunnels in the castle was amazing! I can only imagine what these were like in the past.

Medieval Coffee sign at the entrance

What I wore!
 I love the many different colors the sunglasses reflect.

Took some hair shots! 

Wonderful views 

We were able to see all the way to Frankfurt, which was very far and small with the naked eye. My camera however was able to zoom into the city skyline.

Rapunzel was unable to help the prince up because her hair was too short haha.

A bit of climbing

Little explorer. He wants to see every bit of every dungeon!

Now how does this work again? ^^ 

Had some great food after
Knoedel with Mushroom Sauce
Alcohol Free Weissbier

Mispelled Menu lol

Fashion Items:

Sunglasses: Ernstings (Gina Benotti)
T Shirt, Shorts: H&M
Sandals: H&M
Handbag: Rebecca Minkoff



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