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...than bearing an untold story inside you.
-Maya Angelou
A look inspired by the never forgotten past.

I made this dress from unbleached linen. It was very hot that day so I did not wear an apron. If you watch the show vikings, know that 90% of it is not authentic. Not the customs, society, nor the dress....Imagine it fancier, cleaner, more colorful with international trading relations and a close to modern democratic system.

While the dresses in Vikings did have some authentic inspiration, they sadly do not stick to dress reconstructions from excavations. I pinned it in place with clover leaf fibulas.

Almost cap like head dress that is folded up to expose the hair style.

The dress has added width due to the inserted gussets.

These Roman Style Shoes were worn all throughout the early Middle Ages.


Fair Shots

Fashion Items:

(all) Clover Leaf Fibulas: Reenactors.de
Key: Reenactors.de
Amber Beads: Fair
Belt: Handmade by Medieval Reenactors
Shoes: Fair
Klapperanhaenger: Vinland-Shop.de
Labradorite Necklace: Khazanians Bookshop Etsy.com
Birka Knife: Handmade by a friend of mine




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