✛ Fall/ Winter 2015 wearable, vintage, gothy and whimsical Designer Fashion

My mission this year was to find fashion that either has an ethereal and whimsical touch, plays with vintage trends or Goth and Darker Fashion elements.

Keep in mind that Catwalk Fashion often isn't styled the way you would wear it in real life. Sometimes too many dramatic pieces are combined in which case it helps to imagine separate pieces with something simple like a blouse or jeans. Also models don't wear tights, scarfs or other typical winter accessories which can look odd with a coat.

All images can be enlarged. I marked my favorite looks with a ♥.

1. Michael Kors

In my opinion, Michael Kors always has one on the best collections. His fashion is wearable, but not boring and features many lovely details. This year Michael Kors continues the vintage vibes.

I would love myself a long, grey knit dress like the one on the left! The colors on the right are perfect for fall and I love the idea of a longer sweater + a calf length skirt. The stole adds an elegant vintage touch.

♥ Wonderful Tweed Jacket with Cape elements! ♥ And a belted stole would be a great alternative to a scarf. Again I love the midlength skirts!

♥ Very earthy, warm colors. Love the flare on the coat as well as the two button rows.

♥ The cardi on the left is one of my favorites. I would live in it all fall and winter ;) ♥ I love the clean look of the cabled sweater with the neutral colored skirt on the right.

Very awesome Trenchcoat with cape elements! The whole look on the right is something I would love to wear! Belting a wool sweater also looks so elegant! ♥ 

Wonderful design on the right. So simple but still intricate 

♥ Wonderful design of a blazer like vest flowing into a floor length skirt. The bowling bag is very cute and vintage looking also 


Alexander McQueen

Gothy but fairytale-ish vibes this fall.

A bit doll like :)

Kimono Elements and Ruffles 

The most awesome leather jacket to the right! 

♥ Knitted lace wool dresses! 

Detail of this TDF Jacket!!! 


70's and Bohemian Vibes at Chloe!! Very cool!

♥ Big coat collars are making an appearance this fall. Love the combination of this flowy dress with a vest!

Military Style dress on the left and the coolest, flowy coat on the right!! 

♥ Wonderul combination of super long knit jacket and dress. The dress on the far right would be gorgeous with non slouchy sleeves! 


Enchanting serenity like always and this year there are many gorgeous black dresses in his collection!!

♥ Left: Beautiful, feathery, gauzy, transparent goodness. Very special. Right: Puffy princess sleeves and a high neck collar.

Left: A cape made for a princess. Right: I love the jacket over the very sheer dress.

Intricate designs. Note the cutouts and the striped detail. 

Coat with Military Elements, and it does not get much more sheer than the gown on the right.

♥ Playing with different levels of sheerness.

Sheer lace and pleated chiffon!

♥ More pleated and rouched gauzy chiffon. So wonderful!

♥ Grecian Elements on the left and the right reminds me on a Peacock! 

Lace, Lace, Lace. I love the neck detail and sheer center on the right! 

Marc Jacobs

I really loved the Mix of Gothy, Vintage elements and plaid!

♥ 1940's style dress wih patent leather inserts and the coolest coat on the right.

♥ The sheer skirt bottom is such an awesome idea! The super sheer dress could go over many basic pieces, even jeans! 

Shiny pleated skirt and fur! 

♥ LOOVE the wide maxi skirts. 

♥ Such a nice play of textures, patterns, glitter and tulle.

Floor length pleated, patent leather skirts!

♥ Very early 1900's on the left. Super cool coat! 



Vintage Chic and Tweed Twin Suits like we would expect from Chanel! 

Love the length and drop waist on the right. 

♥ Checkered Twin Suit! Lovely!

♥ Cute, swingy dress with cape elements. 

Cutest woolen dresses 

In love with the dress coat on the right! 

♥ Pretty sleeve caps on the left!

♥ Love it all

Lorenzo Serafini

White, Black, gowns and enchanting designs!


Gothy, punk and industrial vibes plus lots of black leather!

♥ Suede leather coat!! 




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