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A belated look from summer shot at the Giessen Castle and Gardens. 

I haven't done a no make up look in a while and I felt this outfit was perfect for it. You can see more images further down. I also did not use powder and it was warm so I do look a bit shiny.

I made the jacket from an old, too large jean shirt that I took apart and reassembled.

I got this skirt at H&M on sale as a size large. Large sizes are often on sale and if I like they I buy them and alter them. This skirt just needed to be taken in at the waist and I love the extra length and width.

My favorite boots. Victorian Style and exqusite quality by Art Shoes France. This rustic Fossil Bag just goes so well with them (Sasha Satchel 2009)

I love the light here. Sadly it was not possible to capture outfit details this way so I took a few pictures with flash.

I bought this sheer top from H&M in about 2001 and it is still a favorite of mine. The look was somewhat inspired by Georgian Era Dresses (think Marie Antoinette) which were narrow at the waist and often had a peplum, frilly flared detail just like this top. The boots and the skirt also are not too far off from the fashions.

Medieval Belting...I will never give up doing this :D

Simple Hairdo, but I liked the effect. I left out the front sections, tied my selfmade knit headband and then pinned the sections over it. Sort of nostalgic and looks great with a center part.

No Make Up

It seems no make up has become unaccepted in a time of skillfully painted faces. While I think these Make Up looks are definitely artsy, I think they can be a bit much. Today you can change your bone structure by contouring and hardly any of the very thick eyebrows are made of actual hair anymore. Lips are lined far past the actual lipline and lashes replaced by falsies and framed with heavy eye shadow and liner. It is like you use every possible make up item ever made by men. These looks are then displayed online in airbrushed, skinless perfection.
It is not that I don't want anyone to live their creative makeup freedom, but my concern is the beauty ideal we are setting and how we feel about ourselves when all of the stuff comes off. I don't see women being very comfortable about going out with no make up anymore...to a date? Party? Not to mention that lots of cosmetics ruin your skin and eyelashes when overused.
I find it sad because women are much prettier than they think. And for some reason they feel they look more attractive with "pornstar" make up. I even find them prettier without much of anything because their unique features can shine. With tons of Make Up we all look like Bratz dolls
There is a reason designers often put subtle make up and natural hair on models for fashion shows (either that or something very artsy), to enhance their natural beauty. You will never find make up blogger make up on these women. 

So what would conventional make up do to me? Surely some contouring would happen to make my face more "3-dimensional", edgy, less round and short looking. My eyebrows would probably double in thickness and get filled in. Some skillful eyeshadow to hide my hooded almost monolid eyelids, false lashes to make them seem larger and winged liner. My pale skin and light freckles would be covered under tan paste and my lips would certainly be lined to look bigger.

What do I actually do when I sport a no make up look? If I do have a small blemish, I still cover it of course. No one says natural beauty means embracing pimples. They can distract. I generally don't need to put foundation anymore because my skin is clear and fairly even. I used to have horrible skin however and of course would cover my acne even on days with no eye make up (If you want to know what improve my skin read on page 2 and 3 of my personal blog).
I make sure my eyebrows are evenly plucked, my eyes are clean. I even comb my eyelashes sometimes because they look better after using the eyelash comb. I tend to give my eyelashes a little push upwards with my fingers. Sleeping can make them look a bit messy so after combing them I do that and it fixes the situation. I take great care to peel and moisturize my skin. I have found a routine that causes no redness and does not leave me overly oily. I carry blotting paper to blot away excess oils throughout the day. I do use chap stick or coconut oil for my lips.

Also when wearing no make up I make sure my hair is styled in a flattering way. Unwashed hair and no make up just won't work. And I prefer it to be face framing, rather than pulled back, If in a ponytail a few face framing layers usually work.
I do pay a lot of importance to a healthy diet which also has improved my complexion a great deal. I often get asked how to avoid under eye circles. I did deal with that after giving birth to my son. Pregnancy can cause them and for me they bettered but were not fully gone after. Eating lots of butter containing Vitamin K did not only improve my energy, but greatly bettered my circles and resulted into a glowy, even toned complexion. Last but not least I did a hormone detox with the supplements listed on my other blog, and that completely made them vanish. I suspect circles are caused by poor diet and whacky hormones mostly. 


You know I am a handmade jewelry fan. :)

Bindrune for good health and Rhodochrosite Pendant.

Black Kyanite Ring and this lovely Skeleton Hands bracelet.

A few pictures in black and white:

 Hope you enjoyed this rather lengthy post!

Fashion Items:

Skirt: H&M
Top: Vintage H&M
Bag: Fossil
Shoes: Art
Shrug: Handsewn by me
Bindrune for Good Health Necklace: MissyIndustry on Etsy
Rhodochrosite Pendant: Local Shop
Death's Hands Bracelet: Theethjewelry on Etsy
Spiked Bangle: H&M
Kyanite Ring: Silver Sparrow on Etsy
Knitted Lace Headband: Handknit by me, available in my Etsy Shop


Henrietta said...

This is the most amazing skirt I have ever seen. Perfectly my style! I wish I could get it, so much! :)

Emi longhairedatheart said...

I love the print and textured fabric! Sometimes recent H&M items can be found on ebay but I'm afraid it won't be in stores anymore.



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