✛ End of Fall

As the baby bump is growing bigger I have to come up with clever ways of dressing. At 14 weeks I definitely had a noticeable bump, but small enough to work with a regular skirt. This look actually creates the illusion that I am not pregnant, despite having a bump.

I wore the skirt on top of my bump over a fitted wool dress. Because of combining it with a coat ( a long cardi would work too), you can not tell that my waist is completely gone.

I knit the cowl myself. The coat is from H&M (2014), similar style Trench Coats can be found every spring- fall at www.hm.com. What I like about this one is the nostalgic look due to the flaps. A bit 1800's.

The coat fabric is slightly textured and pockets and belt are lined with Satin. This rustic little Satchel seems to have quite a few fans on my Instagram. It is by Fossil (Emory Flap) and I got it in 2011. Fossil bags can be found from $5-60 on Ebay :)

I wore my hair down with the sides pulled back by silver tone hair clips:

Aodhan was singing: we're making a fire ^^

Trying to climb the tree! ;)

Fashion Items:
Coat, Dress, Skirt: H&M
Shoes: 5th Avenue (Deichmann)
Bag: Fossil
Hairclips: Bijou Brigitte
Cowl: Handknit by me



Cute photos and nice hair :)
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