✛ Get over 50 Designer Bags 40% off plus additional coupons for you! With rate payment option!

I put together a collection of Contemporary and Luxury Designer bags, at least 30% off plus additional coupons of either 20% off or 10 EUR taken off your order.

For this post I focused on spring and summer colors in pink, blue and creme tones mostly, as well as a bit of tan and beige. No blacks or dark colors this time! 

The bags are currently on Sale on www.fashionette.de, and available in many European countries. They can be purchased internationally on other sites, but I am sorry to say the deal will only work if the bag is shipped to the EU.  
However, there are services that can forward EU orders internationally. I have never used it but you might want to read about it. For example:
Or google for more sites.


I have selected bags that cost as low as 8 a month/ 80 full price and went up from there to about YSL prices ;) So you can freely choose. All bags are offered at great deals. At the end of this blog post you can chose your coupon depending on which bag you pick (there are rules).

If bright shades really aren't your color go hit the search function at fashionette as many of these bags come in a variety of colors. I just thought it would be a nice idea to stick to one color scheme.

Colors I included are: rose, pink, melon, papaya, grey, silver, gold, creme, grey, beige, sand, nut, pastel and sea blue shades, pale yellow, bright purple, nude, white. While not all bags are exactly my taste I chose bags with an eye catching detail, tasteful color combinations and I paid intention to interior pockets and lining as well as the label, which can instantly upgrade a bag imo.

The bags from low to high (click for super large view):

I included this bag because of the perfect pale rose color, simple design and the metal plate is quite tasteful.

This is the brighter version in hot pink!

If you love slouchy, soft leather this may be for you! Also the stitching and leather label are an eye catcher. 

Soft beige and a black chain! The lining is very pretty also which is a bonus in my eyes.

This bright, orangey red makes for a great summer color! Also I love the mini tote design and the envelope shape flap!

Loved the peach color and the mini size and chain really make this feel fancy. Also the quilting is quite unique!

If you look closely this white shade has pearl pink undertones! How unique is that! Again I like the envelope design.

Just a wonderful, almost neon peach shade! 

A very beautiful purple shade, quality leather and I love that the label's name is engraved on long metal plate. Also look at all the compartments.

This gets a thumbs up for the woven texture and interior zippers!

The turquoise color and small handle made me pick this one.

Pearl Shimmer...need I say more? 
Other great colors.

Cute tassel detail and a small additional handle!

This pale, almost silvery grey is perfect for all neutral and minimalist looks. The zippers are a great detail.

The envelope shape, metal plate and leather interior...oh so cute in this size too!

The color and additional compartments made me pick this one!

A unique shape for all those whole love small satchels with handels! The blue has a really unique greenish hue.

Just beautifully neutral and look at the zipper and logo plate detail! 

A bit like the Givenchy Antigona bag shape wise. If you love candy pink and saffiano leather this may be for you!

Love the little front pocket and coral interior!

Also available in these shades.

Coach makes great quality bags and the logo and zipper look very neat. Otherwise this bag is fairly simple but again a bright, candy pink shade.

Karl Lagerfeld makes bags with his name now and this one has a cute, small chain handle and cool zipper detail!

Latte...perfect nude pink and looks a bit like Balenciaga. And again, the lining!

Many, many fun details and a bit of black. Also, suede leather interior!

Probably the most eye catching quilt in the fashion world. Interior is beautiful, as is this dove blue.
Also available in dusty rose!

Boxy, mini told in electric pink and thick leather! I am personally not a fan of the key charm but it can be removed for your own custom charm :)

A great example of a slouchy bag that is not without structure. The short handle looks like it would be great for carrying it in the crook of your arm.

Tasteful, stamped logo, interesting shape and hardware!

Simply the color and quality! It sold out before I could finish this post but you may find it elsewhere 

Love the fun, almost neon melon color with the bright blue metal detail that also has "Fendi" engraved. The chain is super delicate and the interior lovely.

Love the addition of the small pouch and beige and black is always a tasteful combination.

Very simple but structured with an iconic logo and lining in two fun colors.

Love how it says Chloé in delicate letters and the front detail. The delicate gold chain and cute size is also very pretty.

Candy color and unique logo plate. The bag lining is unique (not my fave but interesting) and the bag comes with a matching mirror.

This was one of the bags I had considered for myself, but atm it is a bit out of my price range. Beautiful nude shade and the suede leather adds a nice contrast. I also like the tassels and tasteful, minimalist logo.

Included this because it is a classic and surely great for all tiny bag lovers! (I love to travel lightly!)

The colors and interesting shape caught my eye! 

Another very interesting nude shade and 2 compartments!

Just really unique and it really pops!

Very elegant metal plate and gold chain on neutral grainy grey leather.

A yellowish nude shade, patent leather and so many card slots!

Such a unique grey shade and the black adds a nice touch. I am a fan of smaller totes and satchels and the chain adds that feminine elegance typical for Chloé.

Added pouch inside, front pocket and roomy!

The classic Marcie crossbody with beautiful stitching and in a soft beige shade! Really simple and beautiful.

The square shape fits the classic Balenciaga design and this is a beautiful brown shade. Interior is exquisite also.

So much lovely detail and the colors remind me of the Mediterranean Sea! 

Unique shape and stitching. Reminds me a bit of the Paddington bag. Again the soft beige- nude shade is very pretty!

Interesting combination of color and details! 

Classic Prada bag with added grey.

Cute design! Like a micro tote but does not lack detail.

Vintage revival and clear off white color. Very tasteful bag.

A classic in 2 interesting blueish grey shades.

Super simplistic bag in the perfect nude shade. For all large tote bag lovers.

Buying from Fashionette:

I have been ordering bags from Fashionette since 2013. I have paid more affordable brands off in full, but I also tend to pay in monthly rates which has worked very well for me. You really just need to make sure you pay the rates religiously. I get a bag, or even two every year. 

When purchasing you can either chose to pay the full amount or select the option to pay in rates. Now I am not sure how and if the rate payment would work for international customers. I suppose you could enter a US billing address while shipping the item to a service like skybox, but I have never personally tried it. 

You have 30 days to return your bag, your first bill is also due after a month. Do NOT remove the gold card unless you are sure you want to keep the bag. If you should find the bag for less elsewhere, Fashionette offers to match the price and pay back the difference.

And here are your coupon codes:

Many bags are automatically about 30% off due to the sale, so simply check to see if your favorite bag is among them!

20EUR off first order on non sale items:
Or sign up for the newsletter if this does not work. Does currently not expire.

10 EUR off of any order:
(this code does not expire)

30 EUR off of non sale items:
(May or may not work give it a try!)

You might find more coupons by searching "fashionette coupon" in your language or English.

HAPPY SHOPPING! And let me know if this helped you!! :)

I will post about the bag I picked soon!! ☺




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