✛ 3 winter maternity looks

There are quite a few looks I haven't posted due to the problems in my pregnancy. The short version is that a healthy pregnancy turned into a nightmare thanks to negligent doctors. 
When I complained about a Urinary Tract infection I was ignored. It was not responding to natural treatments and eventually advanced to a kidney and pelvic infection. Out of desperation I took Penicillin I had at home one night when I was dealing with contractions due to the infection. I felt better very soon after but the problem would not fully go away. I was given different antibiotics and nothing...Still no one wanted to do a urine culture to determine what bacteria we are up against. I was in and out of the hospital, where I did not receive much help either. My kidneys were congested and I was on bedrest all day. My baby was in a bad position where he obstructed the flow from my kidneys to my bladder and that is why the infection would never fully go away.
Until I decided to try another natural product, D Mannose, which is based of the sugar you find in cranberries, just much more concentrated. Taking it multiple times a day, I am almost infection free. It costs 25 Euros a week, so I am basically broke and had to sell clothing, handbags, jewelry. But at least I am at a point where I can manage. I am still resting lots since urine is not able to flow freely when I am up, but with side lying after drinking fluids I can go to the bathroom. When I go places, it is painful and the problem worsens a bit, but at least I get to see something different than the couch once in a while. Now at 32 weeks, my baby's position is a bit better so I have been up more. The problem may only really resolve after I give birth, but I have been feeling better and that is worth a lot! Also I don't think there is much of a risk of premature labor anymore. Though I certainly wanted to unch the doctors that were neglecting treatment. After giving birth, they will all have a special place on my other blog.

Anyhow...on to the more enjoyable things...Of course most days I am just couching it up in comfortable clothing but I still enjoy looking put together IF I go places (mostly appointments tbh)

17 weeks:

5 weeks before the problem started actually, but I have only shared this on IG so far.

Fashion Items:
Vintage Skirt: Fleamarket
Hat: H&M

24 weeks 

Doctors appointment


Fashion Items:

Coat: Mango
Bag: Fossil
Boots: H&M
Calorimtery Headband: Silberin Manelieht
Dress: H&M
Aodhan: Zara Jacket

25 weeks

Midwife Appointment

Aodhan took the shot on the left :)

Fashion Items:
Jacket: Zara
Jeans: H&M Mama
Boots: Rieker
Bag: Mango

I will try to catch up on more looks soon :)




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