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A scenic photo shoot from late fall. We truly had the most beautiful fall this year. I did have a baby bump at this point but it wasn't very visible dressed this way ;) You can find more images of this look on my Instagram as always.

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Bad Homburg Castle Park behind me.


Instagramming :)

One of the largest, oldest cedar trees in Europe:

Erloeserkirche (church of the redeemer) features heathen and celtic detail on the outside.

The inside however was inspired by the (originally) Greek Orthodox Church Hagia Sophia in Turkey

The art oddly still seems somewhat Pagan. Also note how the Chandelier forms a perfect cross that lines up with the ceiling art.

Just loved the foliage at the park! 

Fashion Items:
Leather Dress: Zara
Leather, Boy Chanel inspired bag: OEM via Ebay
Military Style Wool Jacket, Scarf, Platform Boots: H&M

Babybump was 16 weeks along :)


Leneken said...

Love your hir in all of these pictures! The outfit is stunning, too! :)

lg, beerenblau

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you! It was the erfect loaction for a bigger photo shoot! :)



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