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"Endurance is not just the ability to bear something difficult, but to turn it into glory."


Towards the end of pregnancy my last misfortune was that I broke my ribs. My Kindergartener came home with the flu, bronchitis and strep throat. I ended up in the hospital with breathing problems and after 3 weeks of coughing my lungs out I heard a loud crack. 
Broken ribs are certainly among the worst pains I ever felt. My C-Section with my first was a walk in the park compared to it.

So this look comes to you with broken ribs at 9 months pregnant. As always I took the photos when going to my midwife appointments and after we stood in the city as long as I felt okay. Iced Americano at Starbucks was a must ;)

37+4 and just trying to dress comfortable and still look good.

I wore my bag on my left arm to not affect my rib pain too much. The bag is See by Chloe and was one of my bag purchases at the beginning of the year after 2 bags from last year were paid off.

I never really get anything else at Starbucks. And if I do I regret not getting this.

Aodhan took this great shot of me with my cellphone <3

Aodhan Photo Bomb

Sneaky shot of my husband, who choses not to be on camera usually.

Fashion Items:

Wool dress, jean coat, scarf: H&M
Handbag: See by Chloe Deliah Crossbody Nude
Socks, Shoes: Primark




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