✛ When the flowers blossom and the trees are green

- Is what I used to tell Aodhán when he asked me when Trystan will be here. A 4 year old does not exactly know seasons or months, so I felt this was the best ay for him to understand. And really, by the middle of April everything was blossoming and green.

We took a long walk to a local organic farm that day to shop some foods. I was actually feeling better and better kidney wise at the end of the pregnancy as my baby positioned himself in the middle and his head was engaged, getting OFF the urinary tract. Could have been so easy all pregnancy if he wasn't hugging the right side.
Anyhow, walking for hours was still a big strain on someone almost 39 weeks pregnant. I had lots of contractions after.

The last 3 weeks I was wearing sweat pants only. Not only my stomach had grown, but also my hips, by 13cm, resulting in a very awkward dress size. It was like I needed size S clothing with size L hips and belly haha. Literally any pair of maternity pants would cut into my belly where the elastic was attached to the actual pants. It did not help that I was carrying low.

I was wearing one of my new bag purchases here for 2016 btw.: 

Some Farm Shots:


There was a story on Snapchat but I was not able to save it.

Fashion Items:
Wool Shrug, Sweat Pants, Top: H&M
Sneakers: Fila
Bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Bag: See by Chloé




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