I decided to dye my hair purple :)
I thought long and hard about this after not dyeing for seven years and my hair having been it's natural color from root to tips since 2013.
But I always wanted to try colorful hair and did not want to live to regret never doing it. I am not at all tempted by black or blonde hair or other natural colors actually.
I used temporary hair color by Basler Beauty in cyclamen, because I wanted to be sure I like it and knew this would wash out well.
After 2 applications of Basler Hair Dye.

I started out with Basler Beauty Foam Color in Cyclamen. 

First Application with the Foam color. The result was pink and a bit uneven. 

Foam color result

Second I tried the gel color. Much better results and easier to spread.

I think it fits my complexion okay actually. I was worried about such a bright color. :)

I have tried a more purple and a 100% pink shade since then. I will post about it soon, as well as talk about how the color faded!

Basler Beauty Schaumtönung in Cyclam Power
Basler Beauty Geltönung in Cyclam Power

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Sadly I have not had the time to maintain the blog due to the baby.


Anonymous said...

Such a great color and it in the pictures it suits you! Nice to see that it is possible to get that kind of color without bleaching beforehand. I'll have to try that brand, thanks for posting!

Emi longhairedatheart said...

Thank you! :) It is a great bright, temporary color. Since then I have also tried Elumen and for long lasting Results it is even better!Posts to come.



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