‡ How to create a turn of the century look

What to buy and how to alter existing pieces for an affordable 1908 Edwardian Outfit.

I decided to go all out and create an authentic, not just inspired by Edwardian Look.
The dress is a Vintage Costume and the hat is an altered H&M straw hat.

The Vintage Dress:
Real Edwardian Dresses are quite pricey (100 +) but with a bit of luck you can find a glorious gown on Etsy or Ebay.

Remakes from the 70's called "Gunne Sax" dresses are much more affordable however. You can use this search term as well. Not all look 100% authentic but many leave room for some alteration like adding a wider skirt underneath, removing 70's style elements etc.

My dress was (most likely) a costume and dates back to the 60's. I only paid 19 Euros because it was so dirty. I was able to clean it in the tub using baking soda, vinegar, washing soap (for scrubbing by hand) and warm water.

How I ride the train

Favorite View!

Feeling a bit like Mary Poppins ;)

How to nurse a baby in a dress like this :}

And yes I walk around like that for a day. We went to the city after.

Looks more like I am about to join the huns and invade Europe lol..🙈 Next time Vintage Make Up is in order.

Video: From Boater Hat to Edwardian Hat:

1. Buy a straw boater hat
2. Open up the stitches like shown. 
3. Remove enough straw from the center to get a flat shape. You need to pay attention to how much the top tapers so you can still sew it back together without problems.
4. Pin it back in place using the same holes. You may need more needles in some parts. 
5. Sew it back together. I started in the front where the fit was perfect and put a bit of pressure when sewing the back together.

(Depending on the type of hat you may have to replace the ribbon and band)


Outfit Video: 


Fashion Items:

Dress: Vintage (60's)
Jacket: Kohl's
Shawl: H&M
Shoes: Vintage 60's
Bag: Vintage Fendi (80's)
Hat: H&M 
Pearls: Vintage 1900's
Earrings: Vintage 1880's




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